OpenCart provides entrepreneurs wanting to manage their own Internet store with a robust open-source e-commerce solution, developed in PHP. This is a service with a range of functionalities, particularly an unlimited number of categories, products and manufacturers, the handling of multiple currencies, product reviews and ratings, etc.

Lastly, OpenCart offers a complete and easy to use administration interface for the management of the site, with support for a wide range of payment and delivery methods. Discover and integrate the DPD module for OpenCart. You will then be able to benefit from quick delivery solutions with flexibility for your customers: to a home address on an arranged date, to a local Pickup point or to a business (place of work). The benefits of our module:
  • The addition of 4 transport solutions: to a home address on an arranged date with Predict, to a local Pickup point with DPD Relais, to the workplace with DPD CLASSIC and abroad with DPD CLASSIC Europe & Intercontinental.
  • Search and selection of Pickup points via a web service with geographic visualisation on a map
  • Export of orders in the format used by our labelling station for automatic printing of labels
  • Step-by-step parcel tracking automatically translated to the back-office software

The DPD module was tested on versions 1.5.x and 2.0 of OpenCart.
After installing the module, you will be able to configure the module directly via your usual administration interface, by entering the login details that we provide you.

Operating in front office

In the checkout process, our module adds 3 delivery options (logo + simple presentation).
  • DPD Relais: suggests the 5 nearest Pickup points to the address entered by your customer. The opening hours and geographical coordinates of each Pickup point are displayed, along with its location on a map.
  • Predict : interactive delivery that allows communication with recipients by SMS and gives them the option of scheduling a day and time slot for delivery that best suits them.
  • DPD CLASSIC: for those who choose to receive their parcels at their place of work.
  • DPD CLASSIC Europe & Intercontinental: private and professional delivery through our network and our intercontinental partners.

  • Exporting orderswith automated label printing and sending of tracking links to your customers. No manual entry is required: the module autonomously generates order export files, and parcel tracking links are sent to the recipients automatically via email.
  • Parcel Tracking: update all the status of orders processed and delivered.