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DPD Lietuva awards


DPD Lietuva diplomas už pasiekimus logistikoje


In "Logistics and Transport Forum 2013" organized by "Verslo Žinios", "DPD Lietuva" was recognized as the best logistics company. The company won the Lithuanian Logistics Association Award "For achievements in logistics 2013".

DPD Lietuva aukso medalis 2011

"DPD Lietuva" service „DPD E-siunta” was awarded by  „Lithuanian Product of the Year, 2011“  Golden medal.

DPD Lietuva aukso medalis 2010

"DPD Lietuva" service „Cash on delivery (C.O.D)” was awarded by  „Lithuanian Product of the Year, 2010“  Golden medal.


DPD Lietuva klientai mus giria sertifikatas


In 2009 "DPD Lietuva" was rewarded as one of the 10-best customer service companies, and gained a certificate "Customers praise us, 2009".


DPD Lietuva klientų pagirtas aptarnavimas 2008


In 2008 "DPD Lietuva" won “Praise Excellent Service” award in a special nomination - for the best parcel delivery services.

DPD Lietuva aukso medalis 2007

In December 2007 „DPD Lietuva“ was awarded by Golden medal for the service „DPD CLASSIC“ that had became the winner of the competition „Lithuanian Product of the Year“ organized by Lithuanian Confederation of Industrialists.