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Rules of use of sign Reliable Delivery

  1. Sign Reliable Delivery is awarded only to the customers of UAB DPD Lietuva, i. e. e-store managers who have a valid contract of parcel delivery with UAB DPD Lietuva and use DPD Lietuva services.
  2. Sign Reliable Delivery applies only to services provided by UAB DPD Lietuva and must not be used for services of other carriers.
  3. Sign Reliable Delivery is a property of UAB DPD Lietuva and the right to use it is granted by UAB DPD Lietuva only.
  4. The Customer must remove sign Reliable Delivery from the website of his store in one week if one of the following conditions applies:

          4.1.   Contract with UAB DPD Lietuva is terminated or invalid;

          4.2.   The customer does not use services of UAB DPD Lietuva;

          4.3.   At the demand of UAB DPD Lietuva.