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Thermo service

Thermo service guarantees parcel transportation under the temperature regime between +2 and +25 degrees and allows for avoiding freezing or overheating of medicines or other temperature-sensitive products in different seasons. 

Although the service has been designed specifically focusing on the needs of the pharmaceutical sector, it is accessible for anyone who requires shipping parcels under specific conditions, for example, manufacturers and distributors of cosmetics, representatives of the food industry. 


- We ensure the required temperature regime across all the entire chain of transportation of "Thermo" parcels:

  • the parcels are transported by specially equipped vehicles that ensure the maintenance of the necessary temperature within the pre-set limits - cooling in summer and heating in winter.
  • We ensure the necessary temperature of the parcels during sorting, reloading and storage in DPD terminals.

- Control system (ISO 9001): real-time monitoring and alarm response systems installed in vehicles and terminals ensure the required continuous temperature regimes for parcel transportation;

- Collection of temperature dynamics history and reports to the client.