You can check on the shipping status of your parcel by simply entering the parcel label number or reference number. Track your parcel live and see when we’ll be ringing your doorbell. Right down to the last 30 minutes! In addition, myDPD or our app enable you to redirect parcels and register your delivery preferences.

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Frequently asked questions

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My parcel has not arrived (yet). What now?

Our parcel tracking function enables you to follow the progress of your parcel online at any time. If the status of your parcel remains unchanged for a long period or if it isn't delivered at the indicated time, you are welcome to contact us.

A parcel that is displayed to me as \"delivered\" has not arrived. What is the reason for this?

Please check whether the parcel has been deposited in the safe place you have specified, or has been delivered to a neighbour. If the parcel can\'t be found, please contact our customer service via the contact form.

Why is my parcel at the delivery centre? What can I do?

If your parcel is at the delivery centre you can arrange for a new delivery in myDPD or in our app. You simply enter the parcel number and the location and date for the delivery. You can always track the current delivery status of your parcel here.

The parcel is already on its way to me. Can I still change the day or place of delivery?

Yes, you can redirect your parcel even until just before delivery. You can see which redirection options are available in the live tracking information for the parcel.

What is a deposit okay/authorisation to deposit?

If you provide us with a deposit okay you can take delivery of parcels at any time, even if you aren\'t at home. In this case you specify where we should deposit your parcel, for example in the garage or carport.

Outstanding parcel shipping

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