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Here you will find questions and answers about our myDPD portal. We provide answers to frequently asked questions about services, features and delivery preferences.

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How can I delete my account?

You can delete your account with a few clicks of the mouse either in myDPD and in our app (Profile). If you use a different portal, please get in touch with your DPD contact person.

Do I have to share my location?

Sharing your location will make it easier for you to find nearby parcel shops in the search function. But you can also make the search without sharing your location by entering your postcode or town.

Do I need to register for the DPD app?

No, you can also use our app without registering. However, registration offers a number of benefits: for example you can record your preferences (e.g. deposit okay, email notifications) and you receive an overview of all your parcels.

Why does the time window for the delivery keep changing?

In DPD's Live-Tracking function you can follow your delivery and the related time window live. For this very reason it can happen that the time window changes slightly in the course of the delivery – for example if weather and/or traffic conditions lead to a delay. Alternatively it can also happen that our driver covers the route faster than planned, which means that we can deliver your parcel even earlier.

What\'s the difference between profile and preferences?

In myDPD and in our app we differentiate between your Profile and your Preferences. The difference is quite simple. In your Profile you enter personal data such as your address and mobile number. These form the basis for our delivery. In your Preferences you can influence the delivery of your parcels by, for example, registering a deposit okay for all your future parcels or activating/deactivating the email notification function.

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The app keeps crashing. What can I do?

We work constantly on improving our app, and therefore issue regular updates. In order to avoid any malfunction on the part of your app you should make sure that your operating system is always up-to-date. For example, our app is currently available from Version 4.1 of Android and 9 of iOS. However, if the app does not function correctly in spite of this, we recommend that you should close the app and then start it once more. Rebooting your smartphone can also help to restore the normal functions.

Why do some options appear shaded in grey?

Options which are shaded in grey are currently not available. As a rule options are not available because of the product which has been selected.

Why isn't my Live-Tracking displayed?

The Live-Tracking function is only available to you once your parcel is in the delivery vehicle. As soon as this is the case we inform you with our Predict service by email and/or SMS about the delivery and the activation of the Live-Tracking function. If the shipper has not activated the Predict service, you can check on the latest status of your shipment in myDPD or our app at any time.

What systems are supported?

At present our app is available from Version 4.1. for Android and 9 for iOS.


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