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Help on the subject of Pickup parcelshops

Here you will find questions and our answers relating to Pickup parcelshops. For example, you can find out how you can send and receive DPD parcels at one of our more than 7,000 parcel shops, or how you can open your own Pickup parcelshop.

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How do I change the displayed region of the map?

By entering your location manually, or moving the map.

Where can I find a Pickup parcelshop?

 Find the Pickup parcelshop near you with our Pickup parcelshop Finder. You can send or redirect your parcel to your favourite parcel shop or specify a Pickup parcelshop for all your parcel deliveries.

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What does Pickup refer to?

Pickup is the name for the parcel shop network operated by DPDgroup.

Why is there no Pickup parcelshop in my area?

We are in the process of expanding our parcel shop network in order to meet the requirements of all consignees. You are welcome to suggest suitable stores or locations for new parcel shops using our online form.

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Can I also send via the parcel shop?

Yes, you can not only receive parcels, but also send them in our Pickup parcelshops. Returns and parcels that are provided with an online and paid parcel voucher can be placed in any of our 7,000 shops. You can only buy parcel notes in selected Pickup parcelstores that are marked appropriately.

How long will my parcel be stored at the Pickup parcelshop?

Parcels which are delivered to the Pickup parcelshop are stored there for 7 calendar days. Calendar days are every day of the week, including Sunday.

When will my parcel be ready for collection from the parcel shop?

As soon as we have delivered your parcel to the Pickup parcelshop it will be ready for collection. You will receive notification by email and/or SMS. You can also check the status of your parcel at any time by means of the DPD app, myDPD or our parcel tracking function.

How late does my local Pickup parcelshop stay open?

Our Pickup parcelshops are integrated in stores and are therefore dependent on the relevant opening times. In our Pickup parcelshop Finder you can find the DPD shop in your neighbourhood and see what its opening hours are. If your local Pickup parcelshop doesn't stick to the indicated opening hours, you are welcome to contact our team.

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How can I become a parcel shop partner?

We are delighted that you wish to become part of our network. You can find out about the benefits available to our partners and apply directly online here.

Can I suggest a store as a possible parcel shop?

Do you know a store (copy shop, drugstore etc.) in your neighbourhood which would be a suitable parcel shop? You are welcome to propose it to us using our online form – we appreciate your tips and suggestions.


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