26. January 2020 | Update


Good news for Romania related to Brexit. Goods and goods will continue to move freely between our country and the United Kingdom, even if the United Kingdom will be officially outside the European Union from tomorrow. The Brexit withdrawal agreement, as ratified by the European Parliament on Wednesday, provides for a transitional period until the end of the year. During this period, the United Kingdom and the European Union will negotiate the details of the so-called trade transition, which will apply from 1 January 2021.
"An important consequence is that goods and goods will continue to move freely between the UK and Romania, without customs declarations or additional controls," said Karla Codrea, CEO of DPD Romania, who attended the DPD Management Meeting in Berlin on Thursday. Group. The European leaders of DPD Group, one of the most important express couriers in Europe, discussed the implications of Brexit on the courier service and the state of preparations for this moment.
„DPD Romania maintains the usual operations with Great Britain, so that the post-Brexit transition will be as smooth as possible and without difficulties. The experience in international deliveries of our team makes us confident that we will be prepared for the challenges that will follow ", added Karla Codrea. The United Kingdom is the third most important destination for international deliveries of DPD Romania, after Germany and Italy, holding a share of 12.63% of shipments.
Once the technical negotiations have been completed, it is expected that the goods and goods that will circulate between the United Kingdom and the European Union will need additional information, documents, taxes and duties. However, this will happen at the earliest on January 1, 2021, after negotiations that are announced to be "difficult". A possible decision on the extension of the transitional period will be communicated by the EU-UK Committee by 30 June 2020 at the latest.
DPD Romania, part of DPD Group, one of the most important express courier operators in Europe, has been active on the local market since 2008, after taking over Pegasus Courier. Currently, it is among the first express courier and parcel companies in Romania, with a 100% coverage of the national territory. It has over 1,200 employees (including franchises), 47 warehouses and 10 million parcels delivered annually, and makes deliveries throughout Europe, the US, Canada and Russia.