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Shipping Information

in the DPD Courier Network

Delivery of parcels with DPD: we make things very simple

We want to keep delivery as simple as possible. By following the steps below, you make sure that everything will go perfectly and without any difficulty.

Pack the package correctly for transport and make sure it is suitable for processing through automatic sorting belts.
There are certain goods that cannot be shipped through the DPD network: check here.

The package can weigh a maximum of 31.5 kg - national deliveries and 31.5 kg - international deliveries.
The maximum accepted dimensions are: the longest side + circumference, can be a maximum of 300 cm. The maximum length cannot exceed 175 cm (longest side).

Girth and Volumetric Weight Calculator

Normal Girth Calculator

Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Length (cm)

The combined dimensions of your parcel are:


The volumetric weigth of your parcel:


NOTE: This is a computed value which was not measured with calibrated scales - please see the note in the first paragraph.