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Following the decision of the EU Council on the night of  10 to 11 April, the deadline for Brexit has been postponed from 12th April to 31st October 2019. The scenario of a No Deal Hard Brexit on the 12th April no longer applies. This decision of the EU council applies immediately to the UK and to the rest of the EU, without further need for confirmation, ratification or votes from Parliaments. The UK has formally accepted the extension on Thursday 11 April, morning. During the extension period that can last up to the 31st October 2019, the UK is still a Member State of the EU.

 The goods keep circulating between the UK and the rest of the EU has they do today, without declarations nor Customs checks. Therefore, during this period DPDgroup will continue to operate between the UK and the EU as today.

DPDgroup is #2 parcel carrier in Europe and #1 cross-border road-based parcel network: we are proud of this position which we have achieved thanks to you and the trust you've place in us. DPDgroup is committed to carry on being your key partner, delivering the best possible delivery experience to both you and your customers.

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  • Brexit guide (559,89 kB)
  • Q&A (554,30 kB)
  • Checklist douane (511,96 kB)
  • Verzenden naar de UK na brexit - ons aanbod (2,50 MB)
  • New MPSEXP data format (brexit proof) (203,48 kB)
  • Overview of the MPSEXP changes (70,24 kB)

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