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When sending parcels from Pickup network please take following maximum size and weight into account:


  • Length: 61 cm
  • Width: 44 cm
  • Height: 37 cm
  • Weight: maximum  20 kg.


Proper packaging

Improper packaging

- Use sturdy boxes, if space remains empty - fill it with packing material, for example shredded paper, bubble wrap, foam, corrugated cardboard and etc.


- Use strong tape to seal the box.


- Fragile or breakable items should be packed separately, it is advisable that they do not touch the bottom of the box and the sides.

- Just a plastic bag as packaging.


- Wrapping in paper or film.

More information about packaging

  • Shipments to post boxes; not packaged or inappropriately packaged shipments;
  • Articles of high value (jewellery, objects of art, antiques, precious metals, gemstones);
  • Cash, tickets, checks, lottery tickets, bank cards, securities, shares of stock, bills of exchange and other documents (including but not limited to documents verifying personal identity and diplomas) and items that cannot be restored, reconstructed and/or replace by items of equal value in case of damage;
  • Weapons, ammunition, explosives, easily ignitable, poisonous and radioactive substances and waste, narcotic and psychotropic substances as well as substances and products, which due to their chemical or physical properties may jeopardize human health, safety, the environment or property and that have been included in the Dangerous Goods List of the United Nations Committee of Experts;
  • Any articles, goods or substances the carriage (imports, exports, transportation) of which is prohibited in accordance with the law of at least one of the states whose territory is to be crossed;
  • Tobacco products and alcoholic beverages;
  • Human remains or body parts;
  • Living animals and plants;
  • Foodstuffs;
  • Articles the transportation of which requires special equipment, safety means, permits or special temperature, air humidity or other exceptional conditions.

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