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How can I send a parcel using a DPD parcel locker?

  1. Pack the parcel.
  2. Fill in the parcel information on
  3. Pay by online banking.
  4. Print the parcel label in the self-service terminal.
  5. Scan the barcode and place the parcel into the locker that opens.
  6. Track your parcel here.You can also do this by going to a parcel locker and following the instructions given on the screen, but we recommend using online self-service. Then you can place an order from the comfort of your home and don’t have to stand by the parcel locker.

Do I need to print a parcel label?

No, you do not need to print the parcel label by yourself. You can send your parcel even without a printer. Parcel label depending on the sending method selected:
  • Print out at the parcel locker;
  • Will be printed by the parcel point employee;
  • Will be brought by the courier.

Where do I find the nearest DPD Pickup parcel terminal/point?

You can find the nearest DPD Pickup parcel terminal or point here. Enter the exact address of your home or workplace, and we will show you in the map where the nearest parcel point/terminal is located. Enter your city and we will show you all the delivery points / terminals in the selected city on the map.

I sent a parcel using a parcel locker. How can I track it?

You can see where your parcel is located. Enter your parcel number in the parcel tracking section and see where your parcel is located.

I sent the parcel through the parcel locker, but the status of the parcel does not update. What should I do?

Contact DPD Customer Service and provide the following information:
  1. The exact date and time you sent the parcel;
  2. What the package of the parcel looked like, what its contents were;
  3. In what size locker did you place the parcel in (XS, S, M, L);
  4. Package parcel number
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How to collect a parcel from a parcel terminal/point?

At the parcel locker – tap the screen, click “Collect a parcel”, enter the PIN code you received in an SMS message. A compartment will open with your parcel inside. Take out the parcel and close the door. Select on the screen whether you want to print a receipt. At the parcel point – provide the parcel point employee with the PIN code that you received via SMS or an identity document if you are specified as the consignee. If you are picking up a parcel for another person, provide the PIN code.

How long will the parcel be stored at the parcel terminal/point?

Parcels are stored for 5 calendar days from the date of delivery to the parcel terminal/point.

Can I pay for purchases ordered online at the parcel point?

In the parcel points you can collect only prepaid parcels. To pay for purchases after the delivery of the parcel, choose delivery to the self-service parcel terminal. You will then be able to pay with a bank card.

When will I be able to collect my parcel from the parcel terminal/point?

As soon as we deliver your parcel to the parcel terminal/point, you will receive an SMS message and an e-mail.
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What sized parcel can I put in the parcel locker compartment?

Compartments can accommodate parcels of different sizes. Below are the maximum dimensions for each compartment: XS   8 x 18 x 61 cm S     8 x 43 x 61 cm M    17 x 43 x 61 cm L      36 x 43 x 61 cm
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What are the opening hours of self-service parcel lockers?

The parcel self-service lockers are open 24 hours a day, both on weekdays and weekends. Except these parcel terminals: PLC Panorama parcel locker 08:00–23:00; PC Saulės Miestas parcel locker 08:00–23:00.

When does a courier collect parcels from a parcel locker?

You can find the collection time from parcel lockers here. Parcels are collected only on weekdays.

What are the working hours of a parcel point?

DPD Pickup parcel points are integrated into various shops, so their opening hours depend on the opening hours of the shop. You can see the working hours of a specific parcel point in the parcel point search by entering the city or exact address of the parcel point.

What should I do if the opening hours of the parcel point do not correspond to the specified hours on the webpage?

Please contact us at [email protected]. We will check and update the information and offer you the most convenient way of delivery.


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