Anti-corruption policy

Anti-corruption policy

DPD Belux strives for honest, incorruptible and ethical entrepreneurship, wishes to spread this message and expects its business relations to act in accordance with these principles.

Cyber crime

DPD BeLux wants to reassure you that we only offer parcel services and do not support any financial transactions between sender and consignee or a third party, nor do we facilitate payment for the value of the goods. The sole online payment service DPD offers to consumers is payment of Web Parcel shipping costs, by sender only, via the secure SSL website.

When you suspect any abuse of the DPD logo and/or name with criminal intent (so-called Phishing) or in any other case, we advise you to remain very cautious at all times and to follow official guidelines. For instance, be sure to always check suspicious domain names.

 For more information, please consult the official government website.  You also have the option to log an official complaint via email

 We also advise you to log an official complaint with the police of your place of residence. All official bodies and police forces are fully aware of these illegal practices, which affect shipping companies just as bad. DPD already collaborates closely with the police; however, for obvious reasons, DPD cannot be held responsible for any damage incurred by these kind of rogue practices and infringements by third party criminals.