Signature doubt

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Signature doubt

New process

All communication regarding a signature contestation for international shipments will automatically and directly run via the DPD systems. Concretely, this means that as a sender, you only need to notify us of the contestation. From that moment onwards, our customer care agents will facilitate all communication with the consignee. They will provide the consignee with an automatically generated link to confirm they contest the signature. If necessary, a pdf version is still available.

When the consignee disputes the signature when receiving their shipment, they need to digitally send this document, completed and signed, to DPD via the sender. You can at all times request this document via our customer care department.


Benefits for you

  1. Until now, the non-reception declaration differed from country to country: one branch requested the document, the other asked for an email and another branch expected a handwritten confirmation. Thanks to the new way of working, the process of contesting the signature will now run in the same, uniform way.

  2. Thanks to this digitised process, documents will be less prone to get lost and the workload for everyone involved, lowers.

  3. The consignee will receive assistance faster than before.

  4. You save time, since you do not need to take any action when international shipments are involved. Our customer care department takes care of the signature contestation with the consignee.


Tips for this process to run smoothly

The right consignee details

Without the email address of the consignee, we cannot contact anyone. It is therefore very important to make sure all consignee details are correctly entered, to avoid any delay in the process.


As of July 1st

Please do not use the previous declaration of non-receipt anymore.


Do you have any questions?

Don’t hesitate to contact our customer care department the usual way.