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Always up to date.

Service alert

Always up to date.

Circumstances which might influence the delivery of national and international shipments.

Coronavirus updates

Dear shippers, consignees and partners,

 The spread of the coronavirus is increasingly affecting public life in Belgium and Europe as a whole. Even in these challenging times we aim to be a reliable shipping partner to you. Every employee is aware of his or her responsibility in this challenging situation. Our team is working with all its energy to deliver every parcel reliably and at the same time prevent the coronavirus from spreading. The health of our employees, shipping customers and consignees is our top priority.

In this section we would like to answer the most important questions about parcel shipping in connection with the coronavirus crisis, and keep you informed about the latest developments. Therefore take a look at the table below. We do our utmost to keep you informed and have this page updated with the latest information. Nevertheless, to the content of this page can no rights be derived from.

Thank you for your understanding and to keep calm in these exceptional times.


Your delivery experts

Please promote deposit permission as much as possible. This gives your customer the chance to receive their parcel without physical contact


Updates per country: an overview for our customers (31.03.2020)

How should I act as a consignee?

What is a deposit permission? How can I grant it?

What’s the benefit of giving a deposit permission?

Why does the driver sign off the receipt of my parcel himself?

The Pickup parcelshop is closed but still holds my parcel. What will happen to my parcel?

I wasn’t home to take receipt of my parcel and the parcel shop in the neighborhood is closed. Where is my parcel being delivered to?

Why can’t I redirect my parcel to a Pickup parcelshop?

How is DPD dealing with the Pickup parcelshops in the current situation?

Why hasn’t my parcel been delivered yet and when can I expect it?

When will I receive feedback from customer care?

In which instances will parcels be returned immediately?

I receive more returns than usual. Why is that so?

Our people are present at the office, however, the driver doesn’t ring the doorbell. How come?

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