DPD survey: Future Vision of a Sustainable City

What visions do we have for our cities?
How can we sustainably shape the densely populated areas of Switzerland?

These questions are of great interest to us at DPD Switzerland, where we are converting our entire fleet to 100% electric vehicles. That’s why we asked the specialists at the Sotomo research institute to carry out an opinion poll on this topic.

More than 2,000 people in Switzerland have indicated how they envisage urban areas in 30 years’ time and what measures should be implemented in the areas of transport and housing, climate and energy and construction and housing.

The most important and surprising results at a glance:

Future Vision of a Sustainable City

The survey on behalf of DPD Switzerland was conducted online by Michael Hermann and Gordon Bühler of the Sotomo Institute.
2,269 people in German-speaking and French-speaking Switzerland took part.
The weighting of the results makes them representative.

Links & Downloads

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Here you can download the complete opinion survey "Future Vision of a Sustainable City" (only available in German).

Here you can download the media release about the DPD survey "Future Vision of a Sustainable City".

Here you can download the ten most important facts from our survey.

"There is a clear discrepancy between younger and older people on the subject of climate neutrality: while 22 to 24 per cent of all age groups between 31 and over 60 consider the net zero target by 2050 to be realistic, only 12 per cent of 18- to 30-year-olds believe this to be the case. All the same, 87 per cent of them consider this goal desirable. For all other age groups, the figure is between 68 and 78 per cent”, comments the news site Swisstrade.