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Prague Air Quality Monitoring Programme

Industry, commerce and transport emit fine PM 2.5 particles into the air, which harm people's health. This is largely an invisible hazard. While our daily lives are going on, we have no way of recognizing potential threats in the air around us. Without knowledge of the issue and real measured data, it is impossible to change things for the better. That is why we at Geopost have decided to help in this area.

Using next-generation lasers, our vans and selected buildings in several European cities are recording the level of PM 2.5 air pollution in real time. Around the middle of 2021, we also started monitoring air quality in Prague, making it the 12th European city where our measurements are being carried out. Our goal is not only to keep residents informed, but also to provide valuable information to the city so that it can take steps to improve air quality and the quality of life of its residents.


It’s an example of the good that can come from acting local for the benefit of cities and citizens.

How do we measure it?

Every 12 seconds our sensors (90 sensors on DPD vans and 20 more on Prague's buildings) collect real time data in Prague

The data is available for the city and general public to check the air quality in the immediate vicinity of their home or at any address in Prague

Measuring the air quality in more than 20 cities across Europe


Bringing benefits both to cities and citizens




Cities have the opportunity to efficiently tackle the air quality issues by making data based decisions on mitigation initiatives and new traffic regulations.


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End-consumers have access to an air quality diagnosis at their doorstep.


Airdiag, an air quality monitoring tool

Air Quality Programme

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