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kurjerių elektromobiliai

DPD to deliver parcels even more sustainably in Vilnius with 60 new electric vehicles from 2021

  • DPD Lithuania couriers use new electric vehicles to deliver parcels in Vilnius. A total of 60 electric vehicles drive the streets of the capital, replacing the city’s diesel fleet. One fully charged electric car is able to drive 120 km; charging it take 5-6 hours.

  • The company installed a total of 62 charging points for electric cars.

  • The company with partners invested about 2 million euros in non-polluting means of transportation and the infrastructure they require – electric vehicle charging stations.

  • DPD Lithuania’s investment in electric vehicles mean that 270 fewer tonnes of CO2 are released into the environment every year.

  • After the company and partners decided to acquire electric vehicles, support was also provided from the Climate Change Programme coordinated by Environmental Projects Management Agency under the Ministry of Environment.

kurjerių elektromobiliai

We all share the #SameAddress

In 2020, we delivered 1.9bn parcels worldwide. But when it comes to protecting future generations and our cherished planet, we all share the same address. That’s why we’ve reduced our CO2 emissions per parcel by 18.8% since 2013 and we’ll reach 30% by 2025, when our delivery vehicles in Europe’s 225 largest cities will be 100% low- emission. 

Inspired and guided by the three pillars of our Sustainability approach – PeoplePlanet and Communities – DPDgroup is working harder than ever to create a social and environmental legacy that our children can be proud of. 

Our sustainability achievements in 2020

Our people

Our People  

  • Created 20,000 new jobs across Europe   
  • Increased employee satisfaction rate to 80% 
  • Delivered 74,675 hours of health and safety training 
  • Improved staff turnover to 14% 
Mūsų planeta

Our Planet    

  • Deployed more than 2,000 low emission vehicles in European cities (+119% vs 2019)  
  • Reduced our carbon emissions per parcel by 5.7% (vs 2019)  
  • Deployed our unique air quality monitoring program in 5 additional cities  
  • Sourced 62% of our electricity from renewable sources (up from 55% in 2019)  
Mūsų bendruomenė

Our  Community 

  • Supported more than 450 community initiatives across 19 countries 
  • Connected people everywhere throughout the Covid-19 crisis
  • More than 30,000 employees involved in ‘closer communities’ initiatives 
  • Worked with 16 start-upsto scale up innovation on key sustainability topics 
CSR Report 2020

If you want to know more about DPDgroup's CSR activities, download our 2020 CSR report.

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