Your delivery experts

For private customers - easy pickups, drop offs, and returns!

Pickup network provides you the flexibility – you will no longer have to wait for a courier to send your parcel, or worry that nobody will be at home when courier arrives with parcel intended for you. Moreover, if you decide to return your purchases back to the e-shop, you can simply send them back from any of our Pickup points. 

Pickup network was created for your convenience:

  • Location - on the way to work / home / lunch or a spot of shopping;
  • Time - longer opening hours, and often opened on the weekend;
  • Freedom - does not require being at home / work on agreed time;
  • Personal attitude - served by a qualified customer care specialist;
  • Security – parcels are insured;
  • Pleasant environment - points set up under the roof, heated / air-conditioned places where is aesthetically pleasing, neat, and attractive environment;
  • Availability - parking places, easily accessible by public transport.





Easy pickups and dropp offs. Simple.