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Privacy policy

In order to ensure the protection of privacy for the users of the website, belonging to the company PLLC "DPD Lietuva" (UAB “DPD Lietuva”), the company attempts to take all the necessary safety measures in order to protect the submitted data from unauthorized destruction, alteration, disclosure and illegitimate use.

The visitors of the website may be asked to submit personal information (for example, to indicate the name of the company, position, name and surname, phone number, e-mail address or regular address, etc.). By submitting such information on this website, you agree and allow "DPD Lietuva" as well as its affiliated companies to use and manage this information. The collected personal information may be used in order to contact you in regard to business, to provide you with offers or to manage the statistical data of "DPD Lietuva" and its affiliated companies.


Technical aspects

Besides the personal information, which you may submit to us, this website shall also collect certain technical information, for example, your Internet protocol address, operating system in your computer, your browser settings, stream patterns and any internet websites that provide links. This information is used in order to improve the use of this website and for the purposes of protecting your personal information.



"DPD Lietuva" reserves the right to change the privacy policy in the future, without a separate notification, as well as to advertise, change or delete the information presented on the website at any time and to modify the content and structure of this website.