20. March 2020 | Update

Safety measures COVID-19

Safety measures for the transport of parcels in the context of the spread of the COVID-19 virus

We would like to inform you about the measures that have been taken within DPD Romania for the safety of parcel transport - in the context of the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

DPD Romania has taken all necessary measures to prevent the spread of viruses, according to national and international recommendations and reference standards.

We remind you that, according to the information we received from our partners in the DPD Group and from the National Authorities managing the COVID-19 situation, there is no risk of contamination from the packages.

We assure you that for our team, at the moment, the priority is the safety of our customers, partners and employees.

For safety, we have implemented a series of special safety measures for packages coming from risk areas.

    We delimit sterile spaces in our warehouses. Any parcels arriving from areas with a high incidence of COVID-19 (eg Italy, China) and requiring an additional detention period will be parked here.

    Access to the sterile spaces is made with protective equipment.

Also, in order to protect the staff of DPD Romania and also our clients and partners, we have implemented a series of internal rules, as follows:

    DPD couriers use gloves and masks

    We perform the epidemiological triage of employees in the main DPD warehouses

    DPD Collect offices will be temporarily closed

    In warehouses, our employees handle the packages only with gloves, and we use masks where needed

    In DPD spaces, disinfection is performed several times a day (every two hours)

    DPD employees constantly use disinfectant and sanitary alcohol during working hours

    Each employee has the obligation to notify the HR department and the head of department, if he travels abroad. The same is true if their relatives with whom they come into direct contact return to the country. When they return to the country, they will remain in solitary confinement at home for a period of 14 days.

    Meetings with customers and suppliers are handled prudently

    In March and April, we will not organize events or meetings that involve an exposure of DPD employees and our partners.

IMPORTANT. We remind you that DPD Romania offers you:

    Payment by card, directly to the courier. A safe and handy option to avoid contact with banknotes.

    DPD safe-box machines, very easy to use. A service that does not involve direct contact between the courier and the customer. Payment at DPD machines is made with the card.

The health and well-being of DPD's clients, partners and team members are and will always remain at the heart of our mission.

We are at your disposal for any other information or clarifications.

Thank you for your trust.


DPD Romania team