12. June 2023 | DPD REGIONAL CEE

Poland, the largest regional e-commerce market

Poland - Informational data:

  • Population: 37,9 millions of residents
  • PIB: 14.600 euro/resident
  • Top 3 product: Shoes (64%, EU average 49%), Fashion (56%, EU 59%), Beauty/Health Care (56%, E 48%).

Poland is the largest and one of the most interesting e-commerce markets in Central and Eastern Europe. The data shows that more than three quarters of Poles (77%) have shopped online at least once, and 86% of them already use social networks to order different products. In addition, 59% of Poles who shop online have already purchased products from websites abroad.

When it comes to business expansion on a regional level, the courier becomes a key partner. In Poland, DPD is the second largest player on the Polish courier market, with over 260 million parcels delivered last year and the largest Out of Home network in Poland.

CEE Regional Service. Main benefits

„We want our partners to know that they have a courier in DPD who works every day to improve all the services offered. We want to be a partner that they can rely on in their expansion and we have prepared a series of benefits that will make their approach easier and that will give them advantages in the regional markets, in relation to the competition”, says Nadia Talpă, CCO DPD Romania.

For online stores that want to expand their business in Poland, DPD Romania has prepared a unique benefits package in Romania, the CEE Regional Service, which includes:

  • Best prices on road deliveries.

  • Cash on delivery in lei or leva. Payments are made weekly, every Monday, within 10 days of the parcel's delivery; COD limit: EUR 3,000.

  • Access to an Out of Home network of almost 3,500 lockers and over 10,000 Pick-Up Shops.

  • Short transit time (2 days from picking up the parcel) and fast road deliveries (with over 8,000 vehicles).

  • Dedicated Support - Assigned sales agent and CS regardless of customer size.

  • The Predict service, a unique system in Europe for interactive delivery management, which allows recipients to know the exact 120-minute interval in which they will receive the package.

  • Relevant information about the e-commerce market in Poland.

See full offer here.

What Polish e-shoppers want

In the first place in the list of products preferred by Polish e-shoppers is Footwear (64%, the EU average is 49%), followed by Fashion (56%, EU 59%), Beauty/Health Care (56%, EU 48%) and Books (50%).

Other preferred product categories: Medicines (42%, EU 24%), Toys (39%, EU 29%), Household appliances (35%, EU 24%), Accessories and Jewelery (35%, EU 26%), products from Leisure category (33%, EU 37%), followed by Fresh Food and Beverages (32%, EU 35%), with an increase of 6 points compared to the previous year.

Interest in loyalty programs

For Polish e-shoppers, loyalty to the online store is an important value; 88% of them (EU 86%) buy from a site where they have already made at least one purchase.

Almost half (41%, EU 35%) are enrolled in loyalty programs of online stores. This chapter shows an increase of 6 percent compared to the previous year, which can be translated into a recommendation for online stores that want to enter the Polish market: establish promotion strategies that include coupons, vouchers, discounts for customers faithful etc.

At the same time, there is an important dose of curiosity, with 25% of them declaring that they are willing to try new online stores (double the EU average, which is 12%).


For 60% of Polish e-shoppers (EU 61%), price is the most important factor in the purchase decision, while 71% of them (EU 69%) say they are always looking for great deals.

Social media

79% of Poles (EU 70%) use social media when planning online shopping, mainly to find information and inspiration (77%, EU 63%), while 21% (EU 17%) say they usually shop products of the brands I follow in Social Media.

At the same time, it should be noted that 57% of Polish e-shoppers (EU 48%) have already bought directly from social media platforms.

Shopping from abroad

59% of Poles who shop online have so far purchased products from websites abroad (EU 57%) because they found better deals (60%, EU 52%) or products and brands unavailable locally (39 %, EU 52%) and it mattered that the respective online stores had the offer in Polish (17%, EU 13%).

Last year, the most foreign online stores where Poles shopped were in China (54%, EU 51%), Germany (33%, EU 29%) and the UK (22%, EU 25%). Regarding neighboring countries, 41% of purchases were made from online stores located in these countries (EU 44%).

DPD Poland

DPD Poland, which delivered 260 million parcels last year, is the second courier in the country, at the same time having the most widespread Out of Home network in Poland, consisting of 3,497 lockers and 10,211 Pick-Up Shops, 3 warehouses, 61 offices and over 8,000 vehicles.

DPD Poland customers can pay by card at the courier and benefit from the Predict service, thanks to which they know the 120-minute interval in which the package is delivered (this is, by the way, a requirement that a third of them have from the courier).