26. June 2023 | DPD REGIONAL CEE

Features of the e-commerce market in Slovakia. Slovak e-shoppers are used to making online purchases from abroad

Slovakia - Informational data: 

  • Population: 5,4 millions of citizens
  • PIB: 16.300 euro/citizen
  • Top 3 product: Fashion (69%), Shoes (54%), Beauty/Health Care (54%)

Slovak e-shoppers consider it normal to make purchases from foreign sites, which is an opportunity for online stores that intend to expand their business on the e-commerce market in Slovakia.

Benefits offered by the CEE Regional Service

For online stores that want to sell their products on the Slovakian e-commerce market, DPD Romania offers a unique service package in Romania, the CEE Regional Service:

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  • Cash on delivery in lei or euros. Payments are made weekly, every Monday, within 10 days of the parcel's delivery; COD limit: 3,000 euro

  • Access to an Out of Home network of over 1,000 lockers and Pick-Up Shops

  • Door to door road service | Intended for online stores

  • Short transit time (2 days from picking up the parcel) and fast road deliveries (with the nearly 700 vehicles)

  • The Predict service, a unique system in Europe for interactive delivery management, which allows recipients to know the exact 60-minute interval in which the package is delivered

  • Dedicated Support - Assigned sales agent and CS regardless of customer size

  • Relevant information about the e-commerce market in Slovakia

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Who are Slovak e-shoppers

When we talk about Slovaks who shop online, we must know that the majority are represented by women (62%, up by 8 percent compared to the previous year), well above the EU average (56%). At the same time, e-shoppers in Slovenia are over 2 years younger than those in the European Union, their average age being 40.8 years (EU 42.4 years).

For them, online shopping reduces the stress of shopping in stores (70%, EU 66%), takes less time (82%, EU 77%) and is cheaper (68%, EU 63%).

Slovacks prefer Fashion products 

In the first place in the list of products preferred by Slovak e-shoppers are those from the Fashion category (69%, EU average 59%). Next, Footwear (54%, EU 49%) and Beauty/Health Care (54%, EU 48%).

Other product categories preferred by Slovak e-shoppers: medicines (37%, EU 24%), books (35%), leisure products (33%, EU 37%), food and beverages (32%, EU 35%) ), furniture/decoration (27%, EU 31%) and toys (26%, EU 29%).

Always looking for good deals

For 76% of Slovak e-shoppers (EU 61%), price is the most important factor in the purchase decision, 83% of them (EU 69%) say that they are always looking for very good deals and 69% (EU 53 %) are waiting for events with big discounts (Black Friday, seasonal discounts, etc.).

Recommendation: use social media

The overwhelming majority of Slovak e-shoppers (86%, well above the European average of 70%) have used social media for at least one online shopping purpose, and two-thirds (66%, EU 48%) have already bought directly from social media platforms.

One in three Slovak e-shoppers do their online shopping on the recommendation of relatives or friends (32%, EU 21%), and 27% buy products they see in the feed (EU 18%).

Slovaks are used to buying from abroad

63% of Slovak e-shoppers tend to go to online stores abroad (EU 57%) where they find better deals (61%, EU 52%) or products and brands unavailable locally (46%, EU 52%). For 25% (EU 13%) it was also important that the respective online stores had the offer in Slovak.

In the top of foreign online stores, the ones from the neighboring country, the Czech Republic (63%, EU 5%), China (57%, EU 51%) and Germany (20%, EU 29%) are in first place. In total, 75% of Slovaks buy from online stores located in neighboring countries (EU 44%).

DPD Slovakia, the most important courier in the country

DPD Slovakia is courier no. 1 in the country. Last year it delivered 12.4 million parcels, having an Out of Home network of 531 lockers and 598 Pick-Up Shops. It has 1 warehouse, 18 offices and 671 vehicles.

DPD Slovakia customers can pay by card at the courier and benefit from the Predict service, thanks to which they know the 60-minute interval in which the package is delivered.