10. July 2023 | DPD REGIONAL CEE

Information that can turn into business ideas: half of Croatian e-shoppers are married

Croatia - Informational data: 

  • Population: 4,1 millions of citizens

  • PIB: 14.540 euro/citizen

  • Top 3 product: Fashion (53%), Footwear (49%), Beauty/Health Care (47%)

Almost half of Croatian e-shoppers (49%) are married, the majority are women (59%), the average age is 42.1 years (very close to the EU average, 42.4 years), and the age group more important (37%, EU 33%) is made up of those over 50 years old.

This is just some of the information about Croatian e-shoppers that is useful to know if you have an online store and are considering selling your products in Croatia.

CEE Regional Service. Benefits for DPD Romania clients

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  • Short transit time (2 days from package pickup) and fast road deliveries with 350 vehicles
  • The Predict service, a unique system in Europe for interactive delivery management, which allows recipients to know the exact 60-minute interval in which the package is delivered
  • Dedicated Support - Assigned sales agent and CS regardless of customer size
  • Relevant information about the e-commerce market in Croatia

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Price it's the most important

For 68% (7 percent above the EU average) of Croatian e-shoppers, price is the most important factor when making a purchase decision, and 70% (17 percent above the EU average) admit that they pay attention to events that big discounts are promoted, such as Black Friday, discount season, other promotions.

What Croatian e-shoppers prefer to buy

In the top of the products preferred by Croatian e-shoppers are those from the Fashion category (53%, EU 59%), Footwear (49%, the same as the EU average), Beauty/Health Care (47%, EU 48%), the products Leisure (41%, EU 37%), Accessories and Jewelery (38%, EU 26%).

Followed by High-tech and electronic products (31%, EU 29%), Medicines (29%, EU 34%) and Books (29%, EU 43%), Fresh Food and Beverages (26%, EU 35%).

Social media

92% (EU 70%) of Croatian e-shoppers use social media to shop, and 72% of them (EU 48%) have bought directly from social media platforms.

When they enter Social Media, they want to get information (40%, EU 25%) and inspiration (35%, EU 28%) or to buy products from brands whose pages they follow (28%, EU 21%).

Shopping from abroad

68% of Croatian e-shoppers shop online from abroad (EU 57%) when they find products or brands that do not exist on the local market (65%, EU 52%) or better deals (63%%, EU 52%), and 10% (EU 13%) appreciate if the website is written in Croatian.

DPD Croatia

DPD Croatia was established in 2003 and has been part of Geopost since 2008. Last year it delivered 5.9 million parcels.

It has an Out of Home network made up of over 30 lockers and 1,000 Pickup Shops. It has 1 HUB, 17 warehouses and 340 delivery vehicles.

DPD Croatia customers can pay by card at the courier and benefit from the Predict service, thanks to which they know the 60-minute interval in which the parcel is delivered (this is, by the way, a requirement that a third of them have from the courier).