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Delivery complaints

It goes without saying that DPD handles your parcels with the best possible care. However, it might occur that you have a complaint about a delivery. In that case, our Customer Service Agents are ready to help. 

Submit your complaint

Do you have a complaint? Send an e-mail to our Customer Services department via the contact details listed in the Appendix of your 'Welcome to DPD' information package. We are happy to help you with your questions.

Which situation applies? This determines which information we need in order to start and review your inquiry as successfully as possible. 

If you're not a customer of DPD and you would like to submit a complaint? Click here.

Handling your complaint

Compensation for damages or loss

If our Customer Service department can’t solve your inquiry, they will forward it directly to our Claims Department. This department will look into whether or not your claim is valid and qualifies for compensation. We do this based on our General Terms and Conditions and the DPD Manual.

Claiming damages