If you want to know where your DPD parcel is you can monitor it with Track & Trace. Use your 14-digit parcel number or your reference number for this. Have your plans changed? Then you can easily adjust the delivery online.

The system accessed for monitoring parcels with DPD Tracking, and the information acquired for monitoring parcels through Tracking, are the private property of DPD. DPD only grants permission to use the system to request the status of parcels which have been submitted by you, or by third parties on your behalf, to DPD for transport and delivery. No authorisation is granted for the system to be used for other purposes. Without written permission from DPD you do not have the right to make the details of tracking parcels available on a website, to reproduce them in any other way, to distribute them, to copy them, to store them, to use them for commercial purposes or to sell them. The service is only for personal use. Your entitlement to use Tracking, the system for monitoring parcels, or the use of details involved in monitoring parcels, is therefore not transferable. Any contravention may lead to withdrawal of Tracking access, and the passwords and/or user identifiers may be deleted. Contraventions may also lead to prosecution. Access to Tracking or using the system for monitoring shipments and/or the use of the details concerning monitoring shipments, which do not accord with these contractual stipulations, occurs without permission and is strictly forbidden.