DPD Insights.

Nothing escapes you.

DPD Insights.

Nothing escapes you.

We believe you should always have access to all the information that we hold about you and your shipments. Wherever and whenever you want. Your data is always at your fingertips with the online tool DPD Insights.

The benefits at a glance

Everything at your fingertips

A complete overview of your current shipments and shipping history on pc, tablet or mobile device.

Always up to date

Every morning you can check whether a parcel has been delivered or where it’s located.


Immediately tell us what to do with a parcel if delivery is unsuccessful. Deliver again, deliver to a different address or send it back to you.


There’s nothing you won’t know about your parcels anymore. We make everything clear.

Monitor all your shipments

With DPD Insights you have a complete overview of your current shipments and your shipping history. DPD Insights has various components. It contains all the information you need about your parcels. The information is always up-to-date.

Overview of all your sent parcels.

Per parcel, DPD Insights provides insight into a.o:
- Status
- Scheduled delivery date
- Given redirections
- Signature for receipt
- Sent notifications

Overview of parcels that could not yet be delivered.

Via DPD Insights, you give DPD new instructions to deliver the parcel after all. The possible actions for this are:
- Change address
- Have the parcel delivered at the same address
- Have the parcel returned

Overview of return parcels.

DPD Insights provides insight per parcel:
- Status
- Original consignee

Insight into your parcel statistics

DPD Insights gives you more information on:
- Number of parcels sent
- Delivery performance
- Reasons for delays

Insight into your DPD finances.

An overview of:
- Your invoices
- The applicable rates
- Invoiced quantities and amounts per month and destination country

Create and manage your own users within DPD Insights.

Define per user its rights such as:
- Administrator
- Be able to make changes
- Insight into finances
- Download signature for receipt