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Installation and Login

How do I make a shipment?

How do I make a collection request?

How do I create a return shipment?

How can I manage my recipients?

How can I import shipments and recipients?

Printer settings

View, Search, Track or Delete shipments or Collection Requests

Pickup parcelshop delivery

Getting started

How can I configure an automatic import?

How can I configure my printer?

How can I transmit data to DPD?

Updating the routing database manually

How can I create and manage my shipments manually?

How can I create an import profile?



All four services are SOAP WSDL services. This means the XML protocol is used to communicate between your application and the DPD Shipper Webservices.

We provide four webservice calls:

  1. The Login Service to authenticate the user
  2. The Shipment Service to generate parcel labels
  3. The ParcelShopFinder Service to find the nearest Pickup parcelshop
  4. The Parcel LifeCycle Service to request the status of your parcel

By integrating your system via our services your integration will always be up to speed with the latest developments in the DPD System. The ParcelShopFinder service will provide you the latest data about our Pickup parcel shop network.

The Shipment service will provide you with a PDF label generated using the latest routing specs. All the data will directly be put into our servers so we know your parcel is coming our way and where it needs to go.



man-with-notebook man-with-notebook


Soon you will find the downloadable pre-developped DPD open source plugins listed here. If you would like to obtain more information, you can simply contact us through.

Be aware that DPD offers these plugin as they are. Integration and webshop configuration is your own choice and responsibility. We can however recommend an experienced partner in helping you set up your website.


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Custom setups require custom support. Please contact us through the support form.

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