What is the DPD Route Database?

  • The Route Database makes sure that your parcels are managed as efficiently as possible within the DPD system and sent by the optimum route – which ensures that delivery times within Belgium and throughout Europe are as fast as possible.

  • In order to make sure among other factors that our automated sorting systems can take care of this, the correct and up-to-date route has to be printed on the DPD label.

  • In local and long-distance transport DPD regularly optimizes its shipping operations on the basis of the latest parcel volumes and parcel streams. To make sure that parcels can be sent on the fastest possible journey, the DPD Route Database also has to be updated regularly

  • If you would like to simplify the regular import of the DPD Route Database, or even avoid having to do so altogether, you\'re welcome to use our IT solutions for printing your parcel labels.