Shipping parcels from your online store using DPD.

If you want your customers to receive parcels quickly and safely, choose DPD.

Shipping parcels from your online store using DPD.

If you want your customers to receive parcels quickly and safely, choose DPD.

DPD is an expert in shipping B2C parcels. Use our experience to your advantage. What are the advantages of DPD? Our services fit perfectly with your online store system. We guarantee a fast and easy service for your company's customers. This helps to ensure that your customers are happy.

DPD shipping modules

We would like to offer our services to make your online store more attractive for your customers so that the delivery of your parcels would be easy and convenient. We are here to help you integrate DPD services into your online store. If you ship more than 50 parcels a month, we will enter into an agreement with your company.

With the help of the modules, you can offer your customers the option of DPD courier or Pickup point delivery. Easy, fast and convenient!

Convenient and user-friendly shipment environment makes parcel delivery quick and easy!

  • Compatible with a variety of screen sizes and devices, allowing you to ship your parcels using a computer or a smartphone

  • An overview of the list of orders can be easily found on the homepage and it can be filtered according to your needs.

  • Data is entered on one screen and there is no need to switch between pages.

  • Entering addresses is made convenient by the autofill option for address fields based the Google Maps application.

  • Possibility to enter up to four reference numbers for each parcel.

  • Calling a courier as needed. You can call for a courier when you have finished placing all your orders.

  • Printing out parcel labels is convenient, you can print out parcel labels of one or several orders at the same time.

Order parcels conveniently

Download the instructions! manual

Medium (2022kb)


This is a REST-based web service that enables customers to request parcel statuses via POST queries.

Main functionalities

  • Returns parcel statuses in CSV or JSON format.

  • JSON also allows users to only request the latest status and for several parcels at the same time.

  • Displays the statuses of both Estonian and international parcels.

How to start?

  • Download the guide.

  • Make the appropriate development to retrieve and use data from API.

  • API works with the API key. You can find the key in the "My profile" section of If you do not have a user account, please contact the DPD customer service: [email protected]

  • If you have any technical questions, contact [email protected]

Download the instructions!

Parcel Status Web Service manual

Small (595kb)


Interconnector is a REST-based web service for the integration of information systems of DPD customers, allowing the use of DPD services such as forwarding consignment information, ordering collection, and printing parcel labels via POST queries.

Main functionalities

  • Generation of all domestic and international consignments, printing of parcel labels.

  • Shipping to pickup points.

  • All additional services offered by DPD Estonia (e.g. C.O.D. service, express services) are supported.

  • Submission of a domestic and international collection request from another party (Collection Request). For example from a supplier or a return order from a customer.

Shipment creation process

  • Select the service suitable for you

  • Fill out the required fields and send the request.

  • Print out the parcel label.

  • Close the service manifest.

How to start?

  • Download the technical guide to estimate the volume of development.

  • Order a test account from your DPD sales manager or contact [email protected] testing. There is a basic link for testing:

  • Depending on whether you want to deploy B2C or B2B functionality, select step 4 or step 5 in the guide for testing and deployment, respectively. In addition, it is possible to implement CR (collection request from a third party) and parcel tracking.

  • If you want to start using the solution, enter into an agreement with us here.

  • To get a username and password for the LIVE solution and activate the services you need, contact your sales manager or [email protected]

  • If you have any technical questions, contact [email protected]

Download Interconnector manual

Small (682kb)


  • List of DPD Baltic parcel lockers:

In this case, you need access, which is given to you by our sales department [email protected]

  • List of European DPD parcel lockers and parcel shops:

In this case, you need a manual and access, which is given to you by our sales department [email protected]

Let Predict do the work for you

Let your customers know that they can choose the time and place for receiving their consignment. This will increase the likelihood of success of the first delivery.

For you, this means:

  1. Higher customer satisfaction

  2. Fewer customer service requests

  3. Fewer returns

  4. Reduced CO2 footprint

You can add the DPD logo and use our photos and texts in your online store to make things clearer for your customers.

Happy parcel recipients are satisfied customers

Happy parcel recipients are satisfied customers

We will notify your customers by SMS or e-mail about the arrival of the parcel.

The Predict service notifies customers about the arrival time of their parcel with 1-hour accuracy.

Changes to the consignment
Customers can change the location and time of receipt of the parcel up to one hour before receipt.

Tracking a parcel in real time
Real-time tracking of our parcel enables the customer to track the location of their parcel at any given moment.

Barometer for online shoppers

Annual survey of European online shoppers. In 2019, ecommerce merchants from European countries, e.g. Austria, Belgium, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Estonia, France, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Italy, Lithuania, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland and the United Kingdom were interviewed.

Where is my parcel?

Where is my parcel?