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Become the international reference in sustainable delivery.

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Become the international reference in sustainable delivery.

Sustainability matters. It matters to us. It matters to our customers, to our employees and to society. That’s why we put it at the heart of everything we do. Decarbonisation is just part of the story. For our people, our planet and all the communities in which we work, we are innovating for a better, brighter and more sustainable tomorrow. Be part of our journey, because no matter where you live or where your parcels are delivered… we all share the same address.

One journey, many deliveries along the way

We are the largest parcel delivery network in Europe and we continue to expand globally. Our sustainability actions extend far beyond decarbonisation of our fleet and vehicles. We are embracing new technologies to make every aspect of our business more sustainable. From switching to renewable energy in our buildings and depots, to investing in recycled packaging and maximising the reuse of as many materials as possible. Our operations touch people, communities and businesses every single day. By delivering sustainable solutions at scale, we are making sure the impact they have is transformative.

For our People

For our people

  • We provide a safe, ethical and inclusive workplace to foster both personal and professional growth. 
DPDgroup - Sustainability - For our planet

For our planet

  • We pioneer carbon reduction initiatives to make our cities more sustainable and improve urban quality of life. 
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For our businesses

  • Loome partnerlusi ja teeme koostööd, et kannustada nende arengut, muutes jätkusuutlikud tarnelahendused kättesaadavamaks.
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For our communities

  • We leverage our reach and scale to enhance people’s lives, particularly the most vulnerable and those in need. 
CSR Report 2020

If you want to know more about DPDgroup's CSR activities, download our 2022 CSR report.

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