Let your customers know that they can choose the time and place for receiving their consignment. This will increase the likelihood of success of the first delivery.

Let Predict do the work for you

Higher customer satisfaction
Fewer customer service requests
Fewer returns
Reduced CO2 footprint
You can add the DPD logo and use our photos and texts in your online store to make things clearer for your customers.

Happy parcel recipients are satisfied customers

Happy parcel recipients are satisfied customers

Glocke -DPD- e-commerce

We will notify your customers by SMS or e-mail about the arrival of the parcel.


The Predict service notifies customers about the arrival time of their parcel with 1-hour accuracy.

gebogener Pfeil -DPD- e-Commerce

Changes to the consignment
Customers can change the location and time of receipt of the parcel up to one hour before receipt.


Tracking a parcel in real time
Real-time tracking of our parcel enables the customer to track the location of their parcel at any given moment.

Where is my parcel?

Where is my parcel?