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Where is my parcel?

We provide a parcel number for each parcel. By entering it in the parcel tracking section, you will be able to see exactly where your parcel is located.

Laukiu siuntos ir gavau SMS, kad kurjeriui atvykus reikės padiktuoti PIN kodą. Kas tai?

Atnaujinome siuntų pristatymo procesą ir nuo šiol siuntos gavėjo parašas yra keičiamas PIN kodu. PIN kodas pateikiamas SMS žinute arba Viber programėlėje (jeigu ja naudojatės). Šis PIN kodas NĖRA paštomato durelių PIN kodas. Jei siuntą Jums turėjo pristatyti kurjeris, bet ją nukreipėte į paštomatą, gausite atnaujintą PIN kodą, skirtą atidaryti paštomato durelėms.

When will my parcel be delivered?

If you are waiting for the courier, you will receive an SMS in the morning of the delivery day with a 1-hour timeframe when the delivery of your parcel is being planned. If we deliver your parcel to DPD Pickup parcel locker, you will receive an SMS message as soon as the parcel will be delivered to the self-service terminal. In Lithuania the parcels are normally delivered within 1 working day from the parcel collection by the DPD courier. The delivery time depends on the country from which the parcel is being sent. You can track your parcel by entering the parcel number in the parcel tracking section. You can see the standard delivery time in the delivery time calculator.

Ar kurjerio PIN kodas yra tas pats kas paštomato durelių PIN kodas?

Ne. Kurjerio PIN kodą gaunate SMS žinute arba į Viber programėlę (jeigu ja naudojatės), kai laukiate atvykstant kurjerio nurodytu adresu.  Šis PIN kodas NĖRA paštomato durelių PIN kodas. Jei siuntą Jums turėjo pristatyti kurjeris, bet ją nukreipėte į paštomatą, gausite atnaujintą PIN kodą, skirtą atidaryti paštomato durelėms.

Where do I find a parcel number?

The parcel number can be given to you by the consignor. If you are buying from an online store, normally you will receive your parcel number by e-mail or SMS message from the seller. You will also receive an SMS message from DPD with the parcel number and the link, one day before delivery. You can change the parcel information by clicking on the link.
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The parcel is already on its way to me. Can I still change the day or place of delivery?

Yes, you can redirect your parcel even until just before delivery. You can see which redirection options are available in the live tracking information for the parcel.

How can I change the place or day of delivery?

As the consignee you decide when or where we deliver the parcel. You can choose from four redirection options in order to have your parcel delivered the way it suits you best. You normally receive an email with the parcel number. If we have not located you at home, you will also find the parcel number on the parcel notification card which we leave in your letterbox. In the parcel tracking function four redirection options are available to you, e.g. you can give us a deposit okay, redirect your parcel to a neighbour, a parcelshop of your choice or change the day of delivery. In your \\\"Preferences\\\" you can register the type of delivery which is generally the most suitable for you.

What redirection options do I have for a parcel delivery?

You have the option of providing a deposit okay to have your parcel left in your garage, for example. You can also specify a neighbour to accept your parcel. You can also change the day of the delivery. Or you can have the parcel delivered to one of our Pickup parcelshops.

Why can\\\'t I select some change options?

It is possible that one or more of the change options are not selectable. This may be because the type of parcel requires a personal handover (e.g. COD, hazardous goods, medicines). For some parcels not all change options are available (e.g. due to their shape or weight), or we have received incomplete or no data.

Why can\\\'t I change the parcel delivery time?

An individual route is drawn up for each courier on the morning of the day of delivery, which the courier must follow. You can only change the delivery date.
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Kas gali pateikti pretenziją?

Siuntos gavėjas dėl siuntos sugadinimo ar praradimo turi kreiptis į Siuntėją. Pretenziją dėl siuntos sugadinimo ar praradimo pateikia Siuntėjas (Mokėtojas), pvz. elektroninė parduotuvė, t.y. fizinis ar juridinis asmuo, kuris išsiunčia siuntą ir už siuntimo paslaugas tiesiogiai sumoka „DPD Lietuva“. Registruoti pretenziją galite čia (pildo Siuntėjas).

Who do I contact if I am dissatisfied with the quality of delivery or courier work?

We appreciate any of your feedback. Comments and suggestions encourage us to continually improve. You can contact our Customer Service Department.

What is the procedure if a parcel reaches the consignee in a damaged condition?

If the contents of the parcel are damaged when they reach you, you should first contact the consignor. We can only investigate the case and inspect the damage on the instructions of the consignor.

What should I do if I notice that the outer packaging of the package is damaged?

If you think the items inside are damaged, you have the right to refuse the parcel.   If you see that this is just external damage and the items inside are not likely to be damaged, you can accept the parcel and instruct the courier to complete the acceptance-transfer deed. The consignor of the parcel is then informed of any possible damage to the items.


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