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Here are the most frequently asked questions about parcel sending. Find answers to your questions about shipment, size and weight limit, etc. at any time of the day.

After the handover of parcel to DPD will I receive a receipt as a confirmation?

What items I cannot send via DPD?

What is a parcel label?

How to pack parcels appropriately?

How long will it take for the parcel to be delivered?

How can I send a parcel?

How much does my parcel cost? Where can I find the prices for parcel shipping?

How can I get the parcel label without a printer?

What possibilities are there for the recipient to receive his parcel?

What are the payment options for parcel shipping for private customers?

Can I follow the parcel I sent or returned to live?

Will the consignee be informed of the delivery?

How heavy can my parcel be?

What is the maximum shipping length?

What happens if I don\\\'t know the weight and dimensions of the parcel?

What does \\\'girth\\\' (combined circumference plus longest side) mean?

What is the maximum girth?


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