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Coronavirus changes parcel delivery processes

Dear Customers,

With regard to the current situation in Lithuania and the world caused by coronavirus (COVID-19), we endeavour at reducing risk for Your customers and couriers. We are a responsible company of parcel delivery, so we initiate preventive measures and we induce all the customers to contribute.

Updated 26 03 2020



Contactless delivery is started on 16 Mar 2020 (Monday). All the parcels shall be delivered by leaving the parcels in the distance of 2 meters from the consignee, without making any direct contact. The consignee's signature on the courier’s scanner shall be replaced by one of the following processes.



1. Courier asks consignee to show a valid ID (passport, ID card, driving licence, residence permit) from a distance and enters the last 5 digits of the document (not personal code) to the courier's device. This fact is considered as proof that parcel has been delivered to consignee.

2. If the consignee does not have a document or refuses to provide it, the courier offers to take a photo of the consignee with the parcel from 2 m distance.

3. If the consignee refuses to take a photo, the parcel could be redirected by courier to the most convenient DPD Pickup terminal locker (if the dimensions and weight allow).

4. If the consignee refuses to perform the aforementioned actions, the courier shall not deliver a parcel. The parcel shall be returned to the sender.


 Courier will deliver the parcels to premises and will take a picture of parcels. Fragments of the premises must be visible in the photo. This photo will be considered as proof that the parcel has been delivered to consignee.

Information. We will notify private recipients about changes in the process in the evening before delivery and on the morning of delivery. The recipients of business companies will be notified additionally. Youshould notify your customers about contactless delivery by posting this information on your website, and by notifying the customers additionally by e-mail, text messages and otherwise.

Restrictions. A courier cannot enter flats or private houses, except for premises of common usage, i.e. corridors, staircases, etc. Entry to business premises shall not be restricted.

Legal information. The consignee's photo (image) will be processed for the purposes of parcel delivery, claims and complaints. Information is stored for 7 months. Photos captured by a scanner will automatically be transferred to separate secure server. It prevents courier from coping or forwarding photos to third parties. Consignee has the right to disagree with the image and to choose the delivery of the parcel to DPD Pickup terminal locker.



Consignee will be able to pay for the delivered goods only by bank cards from 17 Mar 2020 (Tuesday).
Couriers will not accept cash temporarily. 
In case of any misunderstanding at the consignee, the courier has a right not to leave a parcel.

What actions do you have to undertake?You should inform consignees of parcels clearly and in visible place of the website of your e-shop and otherwise that payment in cash at the time of delivery will not be possible from the 17th of March.




The documents intended for signing have to be simplified from 18 Mar 2020 (Wednesday):

  • documents have to be prepared so that one signature of consignee would be enough.


  •  documents have to be prepared with clear and bright coloured marks in the place of signature. The consignee has to familiarize with the document and places intended for signature beforehand.

It is important to know about the Document Return service:

  • You should prepare documents properly, in accordance with the aforementioned temporary requirements because DR parcels that do not meet the requirements will not be delivered.
  • The courier is not going to consult the consignee additionally about signing of the documents.
  • The courier will not inspect the returned document.
  • The duration of the service of document return will get longer by 2 days at least due to additional internal safety procedures.




The ordered loading works shall be performed only up to the door of private premises from 16 Mar 2020 (Monday). For example, the parcels will be taken to the staircase and left at the flat’s door. Couriers shall not enter private premises.

From 30th March all household appliance, over 31.5 kg will be delivered with UKD service even if the service is not ordered by the sender.

In order to avoid any misunderstandings, we recommend to notify the customers about changes in delivery of parcels beforehand.The ordered loading works to business entities shall be continued without changes. If the parcel is labelled as intended for business entity, but delivery is to a private house/housing, the courier shall follow the instructions for service provided above.




  Loading works are performed only if it is possible to do so without a contact with the consignee. Courier will not be able to help the consignee to carry the parcel. If the weight of the parcel is above 31,5 kg. Courier will contact consignee and inform them that consignee will have to load it and carry it without the help of the courier.

   What actions do you have to undertake?  If your parcel is heavier than 31,5 kg, make sure that Ordered Loading service (UKD) is ordered by consignee. In such a case two couriers will unload and deliver the parcel to the consignee's door without the contact of the consignee.  If ordered loading service (UKD) is not ordered, the consignee will have to unload the parcel without the help of a courier, so there should be somebody else at the consignee's place to help. Courier will not help unload or carry the parcel. If nobody is there to help the consignee, the parcel will not be delivered to consignee on that day. The parcel can be delivered on the other day if consignee finds someone to help them OR sender orders Loading Services (UKD) and two DPD couriers will unload the parcel without the help of consignee.


Replacement of content of delivered parcel (SWAP), photo-taking of personal document and other services not mentioned above shall continue in the same procedure.



From 18th March all parcels shall be collected with 2 metres distance from Sender. Sender signature on the courier’s scanner shall be replaced by photo of the parcels.

Pickup procedure:

  1. Courier shall keep at least 2 metres distance without making any direct contact.
  2. If Sender is a company, the courier enters the company's premises. If sender is individual person, courier ask to take parcels outside or to the common areas (staircase and etc.).
  3. Courier scans packages and indicates number of packages.
  4. Courier takes a photo of parcels. Fragments of the premises must be visible in the photo. 
  5. If the Sender refuses to perform the aforementioned actions, the courier shall not collect a parcel.

Restrictions. A courier cannot enter flats or private houses, except for premises of common usage, i.e. corridors, staircases, etc. Entry to business premises shall not be restricted.



After an unsuccessful attempt of delivery to company or after consignee refusal to accept parcel, the parcel is immediately returned to the sender.

Parsels with wrong adress or missing information, which are for private consignee, are stored for 7 days. 


We hope that You will show an understanding and responsible attitude to public health. We are sorry about possible temporary inconveniences.

If You have any questions, you should contact Your DPD manager.

 Let’s protect ourselves and our Customers!

 Sincerely Yours,

 DPD Lithuania