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Shipping parcels with DPD: it could not be simpler.

Shipping parcels with DPD is very easy. You just have to be aware of a few facts. For example, your parcel should be correctly packaged for transport. It should also be suitable for processing and sorting on the automatic transfer conveyor belts. In practice this means:

  • Your parcel weighs 31.5 kg maximum.
  • The size is 300 cm maximum
  • The maximum length (longest side) may be no longer than 175 cm.

DPD’s Girth and Volumetric Weight Calculator will help you check your parcel’s weight and measurement.

Some goods, for example live animals, weapons and particularly valuable items such as precious metals and stones, cannot be transported by DPD. A complete list of products which we do not ship is in our General Terms and Conditions. 

It is also not possible to ship hazardous materials (ADR). You can find these materials here.