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DPD parcel labels: important and easy!

Every parcel you send via DPD must have a DPD parcel label. We cannot send your parcel without this label. It is important to affix the label on the largest surface of the parcel to ensure efficient scanning. This parcel label may look like an address label, but it is also proof of your agreement with us. It is your transport assignment and also your proof of insurance. We need this label in case of damage in order to reimburse you. Reason enough to treat the delivery label with care! 

Shipping label tool

At DPD, we believe that quality begins with the parcel itself. That is why we work with an automatised parcel delivery as standard. We have different free options available.

Ordering delivery labels

We advise our clients to order parcel labels directly from the supplier. This is to ensure that you use the correct blank labels. Would you still prefer to order your labels from another supplier? If so, DPD cannot be held responsible for any mistakes in the parcel labels.