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Time definite

Time Specific Delivery

For your urgent shipments: if you send your parcel today, we will guarantee delivery before a certain time the next day. We offer this Express service at a favorable charge.

DPD 8:30

Should your parcel reach your customer before 8.30? Opt for DPD 8:30, and we deliver your parcel(s) the next day before 8.30. This service is only available for Germany.

DPD 10:00

DPD 10:00 is suitable for parcels that must be delivered the next working day before 10.00. This service is available for Belgium, Germany and Luxembourg.

DPD 12:00 

Do you have a parcel that has to be delivered before lunch? Then DPD 12:00 is the most suitable. With this service we guarantee to deliver your parcel before 12:00. DPD 12:00 is possible for all your parcels to Belgium, Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland.

Guaranteed delivery