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DPD Parcel Delivery

Company DPD is one of Europe's leading service providers in the field of shipping and delivery, which makes us a reliable partner to deliver parcels on both domestic and international markets.

Products and services

Questions and contacts

1. Customer service

  +385 (0)1 3430 600

2. Saless department

  +385 (0)1 3430 616/661

3. Import/export

  +385 (0)1 3430 604/620

4. Invoicing

  +385 (0)1 3430 608

5. Department debt collection

  +385 (0)1 3430 607


International distribution 

Sends parcels with the most efficient network in Europe with over 800 depots in 40 countries! With DPD Europe is just around the corner.

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Practical additional features tailored to your requirements: Choose from extra Options like C.O.D., R.O.D., Higher insurance and other and make yuor own combination of product and services according to yuor own needs!

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Express - Service

Express - Service. Precise and fast.

With DPD 8:30, DPD 10:00, DPD 12:00 and DPD 18:00 --> Choose the best solution!

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DPD on your mobile now!

Our online services are now available on your mobile too! The mobile DPD website offers you parcel tracking or depot finder with optimised display for the mobile phone. 

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