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Here you will find useful information and helpful tools relating to parcel shipping.  We’ve put together all the relevant information on domestic and international shipping. We also offer multimedia operating instructions for our products and services, and an overview of all available interfaces to the various shop and shipping systems.

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Where is my parcel?

We give each parcel its own parcel number. On the basis of this number you can track the progress of your parcel in myDPD or in your app, and if necessary arrange for delivery on a different day or to a different location.

When will my parcel be delivered?

As a rule domestic parcels are delivered within two days from the start of the order. In the case of international parcels the delivery time depends on the country of destination. You will find all the information about your parcel in myDPD and the DPD App as well as through the parcel tracking. For business customers the delivery times for international parcels are displayed in our Delivery-time calculator.

How can I change the place or day of delivery?

As the consignee, you decide when or where we deliver the parcel. You can choose from four redirection options in order to have your parcel delivered the way it suits you best. You normally receive an email with the parcel number. If we have not located you at home, you will also find the parcel number on the parcel notification card which we leave in your letterbox. In the parcel tracking function four redirection options are available to you, e.g. redirect your to a save place, a parcelshop of your choice or change the day or address of delivery. In your \"Preferences\" you can register the type of delivery which is generally the most suitable for you.

What number do I use to track/redirect my parcel?

In order to redirect your delivery to a different place or day, you enter your parcel number in myDPD or in our app. After that you can select the option for when and where we make the delivery.

Why is my parcel at the delivery centre? What can I do?

If your parcel is at the delivery centre you can arrange for a new delivery in myDPD or in our app. You simply enter the parcel number and the location and date for the delivery.

Tips & Tricks

Tips & Tricks


The DPD App
Installing and using our app is as simple as this.


Packing tips & shipping materials
Packing goods in a parcel isn’t rocket science. In spite of this, there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that shipping your parcel runs smoothly.

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What can I use as packaging material, and what is the best way to pack a parcel?

You should protect your goods during shipment by securing them for transport. For this purpose you should use a robust, square or rectangular cardboard box, bubble wrap, padding material such as polystyrene peanuts or mechanically produced crumpled paper and adhesive tape. If the cardboard box has been used before, you should remove any old parcel labels. You will find detailed instructions on how to pack parcels correctly in our packing tips.

What happens if I don\'t know the weight and dimensions of the parcel?

Because the weight and dimensions are required for a precise calculation of the shipping costs, you should measure and weigh the parcel. However, if your parcel data is different from our own measurements, it is possible that you will be invoiced for additional costs.

What does \'girth\' (combined circumference plus longest side) mean?

The girth is the maximum permitted parcel size. It is calculated as follows: (height + width) x 2 + length of the parcel in cm. You can calculate this conveniently online in our girth calculator.

How heavy can my parcel be?

Parcels which are picked up from you can weigh up to 31.5 kg.

What is the volumetric weight? And how do I calculate it?

The volumetric weight indicates the amount of cargo space a parcel takes up and is calculated for DPD Express parcels, which are transported by airfreight. The volumetric weight is only calculated if it exceeds the actual weight. You can calculate the volumetric weight conveniently in the DPD volumetric weight calculator. Or with the formula: Length (cm) x Width (cm) x Height (cm)/5,000 (cm³/kg).

Tips and tricks

Tips and tricks


The DPD App
Installing and using our app is as simple as this – with explanatory videos.


Express shipping
There are times when fast delivery is essential. Opt for our Express service - domestic and international.


Packing tips & shipping materials
Packing goods in a parcel isn’t rocket science, but there are a few things to keep in mind to make sure that shipping your parcel runs smoothly.

Girth and Volumetric Weight Calculator

Normal Girth Calculator

Height (cm)
Width (cm)
Length (cm)

The combined dimensions of your parcel are:


The volumetric weigth of your parcel:


NOTE: This is a computed value which was not measured with calibrated scales - please see the note in the first paragraph.

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What does Pickup refer to?

Pickup is the name for the parcel shop network operated by DPDgroup.

Where can I find the opening hours of a parcel shop?

Simply click on the name or address of the parcel shop in the parcel shop finder. This takes you to a page that shows you the opening times.

How do I report a complaint?

As a consignee, please report your complaint to your shipper, who has all the necessary documents. If you are a shipper, please contact our Claims department for more info.

Why is there no Pickup parcelshop in my area?

We are in the process of expanding our parcel shop network in order to meet the requirements of all consignees. You are welcome to suggest suitable stores or locations for new parcel shops using our online form.
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How do I apply for a job with DPD?

Simply check our DPD Job Finder online. You can also apply directly for a job with us. And if there is no suitable vacancy for you there, you can also send us your unsolicited application. You can apply directly via our online form.

At what locations does DPD offer occupational training?

We provide training facilities throughout Croatia. However, please note that not every location offers the full range of occupational training. If you have a question about a concrete location or occupation, please contact our team.

I haven\'t found a suitable post, can I send an unsolicited application?

If you don\'t find anything to suit you in the in the DPD Job Finder, you can also send us an unsolicited application. Please send your complete application documents with details of your specific area of interest to: [email protected]

What documents should I send with my application?

Please send us your complete application documents, i.e. a letter of application, your CV and relevant educational reports and references, so that we get a clear impression of what you can do.
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How do I edit bad addresses as a business customers?

Incorrect addresses are marked with a warning triangle with exclamation marks. For that record, click the Pen icon (insert icon) to edit the incorrect address.

The unlock code you entered is not correct. What can I do?

Please check the unlock code in your email and copy it to the Code field. If this does not work, you can have the unlock code resended.

The import has not worked. Who can help me?

For a CSV import please note the following: The file must consist of 12 fields in the following order and must not exceed the number of characters specified in parentheses per field: Company (30); Name (30); Road (50); Additional address (30); Postal code (10); City (50); Country (3); Telephone number (15); E-mail (50); Customer No (25); Reference (25); contents (30);. If this does not work, please contact our customer service.

I did not receive an email after click on \"Forgot password\". What can I do?

Sending the email may take some time. Check back later in your email account or have the unlock code resended.

I forgot my password. How can I change it anyway?

On the login page is a \' Forgot password \' button. If you click this you can enter your email address or your user name. We will send you an email afterwards.

Everyday we pay attention and effort to send your parcels. Each client and each parcel is equally important to us. However, in every business mistakes are inevitable, so in some emergency situations, the parcel may be damaged. To ensure that your parcel arrives at your destination, it is important to provide adequate inner and outer packaging. Useful details and package instructions can be found Packing tips.


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What to do when your parcel arrived damaged?

In case of damage or reduction of the contents of the parcel, the consignee of the parcel or other person authorised to receive the parcel is obliged to send the complaint to the Service Provider immediately upon delivery of the parcel or by the end of the working day. By the signature of the consignee of the parcel or other person authorised to receive the parcel on the POD list, that person confirms that the parcel was received undamaged and without diminishing its contents.

In case of loss or complete damage of the parcel, the Service Provider pays the actual value of the parcel and maximum up to the amount of EUR 520.00.

- The actual value of the parcel is paid up to a maximum of EUR 520.00.
- In case you send a parcel that has a value of more than EUR 520,00, we recommend activating additional insurance.
- If the parcel is damaged and not insured, DPD Croatia d.o.o. covers the insurance for the value of the parcel in the amount of up to EUR 520.00 which amounts to the basic insurance parcel included in the fare.

If you want to report the damage, you can do so via e-mail [email protected].

After reporting a malicious event by the Service Provider and inspecting the damaged parcel by an insurer, DPD employee will notify the damaged User of the Service that he/she must submit the following documentation:

- Reclamation record,
- customer account (commercial invoice) or invoice from the supplier (credible document showing the purchase value of the item that was
- an invoice to the Service Provider on the basis of which it is undoubtedly the real value of the damaged or reduced parcel content.

If the Service Provider fails to provide credible information on the purchase value of the item, then it is obliged to submit the account it has issued to its buyer. In that case, the service provider will pay the amount in the amount calculated so that 20% of the amount of that commercial invoice (customer invoice) is deducted, including any rebate to the buyer.

If you want to report the damage, you can do so via e-mail [email protected].

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