Part of the Pickup Parcel locker concept is cooperation with stores, gas stations, smaller businesses or residential buildings. We are looking for partners who are interested in long-term cooperation with DPD.

What is Pickup Parcel locker?

What is Pickup Parcel locker?

DPD Pickup Parcel locker is a device that users of DPD services can use to pick up their parcels 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They enable easy and convenient collection of parcels where and when it is most convenient for users.

Benefits for users

Available 24/7

Notifications via Viber / SMS / e-mail

Safe and reliable

The green solution for parcel delivery

Simple and efficient

Contactless and discrete

Advantages of setting up a Pickup Parcel locker

Advantages of setting up a Pickup Parcel locker

Secured monthly income
Optimize the external, unused space without additional investment. Ensure additional income from the lease.

The possibility of additional income in your own store
Increase the number of visitors and generate additional income by increasing the frequency of daily users

Without field preparation
It occupies only 1m² of flat surface and does not need an electrical connection or an internet connection.
It works exclusively using renewable energy sources!

Together we can do more
Become a part of network of almost 900 Pickup locations in Croatia and more than 70.000 across Europe.
More visibility, more profit.

Installation preconditions

Installation preconditions

DPD Pickup Parcel locker can be installed on any flat, hard, outdoor surface.

An electrical connection is not required to set up the Pickup Parcel locker.

Internet is not required to set up the Pickup Parcel locker.

The Pickup Parcel locker must be accessible from the front 24/7.

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