Our partners have recognized the benefits of the Pickup network

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Our partners have recognized the benefits of the Pickup network

In cooperation with our partners in Croatia we have opened more than 1250 Pickup locations. This number is growing frequently and we plan to continue to expand our Pickup network throughout Croatia.


In cooperation with Ina, the oil company with a leading role in Croatian oil business and a strong position in the region, we have introduced the possibility of collecting parcels delivered by DPD at all Ina's retails.

With more than 200,000 buyers a day and a large choice of quality fuels, services and consumer goods, INA has the largest modernized retail network in Croatia. From now on, among other Ina's services, you can collect the parcel at the retail which suits you best!


tommy logo

Tommy is continuously developing additional services which they are offering to customers in its stores, so in cooperation with our partner DPD Croatia, specialized parcel delivery expert, we have introduced a new service - parcel pick up. It is also part of the process of modernizing the business and adapting to market requirements and customer needs because Tommy has always been a leader in terms of innovation and integrity of services offered to customers.

By the time you finish grocery shopping, ordered parcel is already waiting for you! Could it be any better? Save your time and now pick up your parcels at selected Tommy stores. A list of stores where you can use this service is available at the following website www.tommy.hr.


Daily Press

NLK trgovina i distribucija d.o.o.  is currently the third-largest retail chain of kiosks/tobacco shops in the Republic of Croatia, with more than 35 retail outlets throughout the Republic of Croatia and a trend of organic expansion of up to 100 retail outlets.


Color trgovina

Color trgovina d.o.o. is a Croatian chain store of the "everything for the home" range, which has been operating on the domestic market for over 30 years.
Many years of work, dedication and perseverance of employees along with a clear vision of the owner have brought Color trgovina today to the position of regional trade leader in sales and distribution of "everything for the home" range; garden and metallurgical, electrical, construction and professional technical products, audio and video equipment, IT equipment and white goods.

With more than 35,000 different items, on a total area of 40,000 square meters in 4 shopping centers, Color trgovina ensures that the needs of both retail and wholesale customers are met.

Educated and quality sellers will provide the best possible professional service in the selection and advice when shopping in our centers.



Lidl has been operating in Croatia since 2006. During its 15-year business, Lidl Hrvatska pays great attention to customers, society and the environment and uncompromisingly adheres to the basic principle - offering the best price-quality ratio in all segments of the range. Today, Lidl Croatia has 102 stores, 2 logistics and distribution centres and about 2,900 employees.


Save your time and do two things at once - shopping at Lidl and picking up your parcels!


The Petrol Group in Croatia has 110 Petrol stations located in all regions.

High-quality Q Max fuels, services and consumer goods, coffee on the road and car washes are just some of the services that Petrol offers to its customers.

Petrol and DPD also introduced the possibility of picking up parcels delivered via DPD at all Petrol gas station in Croatia.



Adria oil logo

Adria Oil d.o.o. is a company specializing in the oil and petroleum products supply, with currently 27 service stations throughout the Republic of Croatia and the goal of continuous expansion of the network.

Save your time - while refuelling, the ordered parcel is already waiting for you! Apply for your benefits card – “Točilica” and get many other benefits when refuelling and buying from an assortment of over 2,500 items.



Mass light Istria

Mass light - Istria specializes in wholesale and retail of lighting, electrical materials, and equipment.

In their offer they have a wide range of lighting from renowned manufacturers and equipment for electrical installations, and in addition they provide the service of assembling all items.

Mass light - ISTRIA

Light with style

iNovine, with a tradition of over 60 years, is the second largest national retail chain of kiosks in Croatia with more than 250 outlets throughout Croatia.

Always on the pulse of life and in the most frequented locations, with the help of friendly and dedicated employees, iNovine enables its customers to fulfil their daily needs quickly and easily.

In addition to the standard kiosk assortment, along with a wide range of drinks and a salty and sweet snack program, iNovine designs and introduces new useful services that greatly facilitate the daily life of customers characterized by an increasingly fast pace of life. Today, iNovine offers several useful services at its points of sale, such as bill payment, top-up of public transport tickets, lottery games, package pick-up, currency exchange, purchase of parking tickets, take-out coffee, and many others.

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The dm-drogerie markt has been a leading drugstore on the Croatia market since the opening of the first store in 1996- Today, dm operates in more than 170 stores in 60 Croatian cities, and has been working DPD since October 2020 when a dm online shop was launched. More than two years of successful collaborations and thousands of satisfied online customers have encouraged dm to expand their cooperation with DPD and introduce the possibility of collecting parcels delivered by DPD. Now at all dm stores in Croatia you can collect your parcel and enjoy a pleasant purchase and rich selection of drugstore products.  

This partnership strengthens our logistics network and ensures better connectivity of all parts of the country.

Collect your parcel stress-free since you have up to 7 calendar days to collect it on Pickup locations and 72 hours on Pickup Parcel lockers. Prior to delivery, you will receive an SMS/e-mail notification with the delivery date and a link to the myDPD application, where you can change the delivery date or choose a delivery to the nearest Ina's retail.

If you are interested in where your parcel is located, during the entire delivery process it is possible to check parcel's shipping status.

Collecting parcels has never been quicker and easier!