Our partners have recognized the benefits of the Pickup network

Our partners have recognized the benefits of the Pickup network

In cooperation with our partners, Ina and Petrol, in Croatia we have opened more than 520 Pickup locations. This number is growing frequently and we plan to continue to expand our Pickup network throughout Croatia.


In cooperation with Ina, the oil company with a leading role in Croatian oil business and a strong position in the region, we have introduced the possibility of collecting parcels delivered by DPD at all Ina's retails.

With more than 200,000 buyers a day and a large choice of quality fuels, services and consumer goods, INA has the largest modernized retail network in Croatia. From now on, among other Ina's services, you can collect the parcel at the retail which suits you best!



The Petrol Group in Croatia has 110 petrol stations located in all regions.

High-quality Q Max fuels, services and consumer goods, coffee on the road and car washes are just some of the services that Petrol offers to its customers.

Petrol and DPD also introduced the possibility of picking up parcels delivered via DPD at all Petrol gas station in Croatia.


This partnership strengthens our logistics network and ensures better connectivity of all parts of the country.

Collect your parcel stress-free since you have up to 7 calendar days to collect it, and prior to delivery, you will receive an SMS/e-mail notification with the delivery date and a link to the myDPD application, where you can change the delivery date or choose a delivery to the nearest Ina's retail.

If you are interested in where your parcel is located, during the entire delivery process it is possible to check parcel's shipping status.

Collecting parcels has never been quicker and easier!