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Every day the delivery expert DPD delivers thousands of parcels throughout Europe. From small to large, fragile to unbreakable, and standard to unexpectedly unique. But always with one thing in common: behind every parcel is someone with expertise in his or her respective area. In Parcel Stories, we learn more about these different experts and their own unique stories. 

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De Sneaker-Expert


Sneaker expert Esther has a serious sneaker addition, which means that DPD's delivery people are regular visitors to her door. Last week she took delivery of her 99th parcel. 

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The Salt and Pepper Experts


Salt and Pepper couple René and Anja from Apeldoorn are anxiously awaiting their latest acquisition. Watch their unique Parcel Story here. 

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The inflatables Expert


DPD delivers cheery-natured Guido's inflatable attractions throughout the country. His attractions and his personality are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone's face. Watch Guido the Inflatables Expert's Parcel Story.

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The Tractor-experts



In an outhouse in Friesland, this father and son duo are building not only their tractor but also their bond. Watch the Parcel Story of these down-to-earth tractor experts.

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