One of our 2,400 Pickup locations in Austria is sure to be near you! Simply enter your postcode and/or address and we will show you the quickest way to the nearest Pickup parcel shop or parcel locker - with all necessary informations (e.g.: relevant parcel shop opening hours).

With the myDPD „Favourite parcel shop“ service you can register your preferred parcel shop and simply have your parcels delivered there.

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Where is my parcel? / How can I track my parcel?

As a myDPD user you can track your parcel at any time in the \"My parcels\" area. The parcel history shows you the status of your parcel.

Via Live-Tracking you can track your parcel in real time and redirect it until shortly before delivery (to a different address, specific neighbour, parcel shop delivery etc.).

If you do not use myDPD, you can track your parcel on myDPD or by means of the parcel number (the 14-digit number you receive from your shipper) or the PIN (Parcel Information No.) number, which you can find on the parcel notification card we leave if we fail to locate you.

When will my parcel be delivered?

From the time we receive your parcel from the shipper, we usually deliver it within Austria within one working day. For international parcels the delivery time depends on the destination country.

At myDPD you can track and/or redirect your parcel at any time.

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How can I change the place or day of delivery?

As the parcel consignee you decide where or when we deliver the parcel. As a registered myDPD user we will inform you when a parcel is on its way for you. If the notified delivery day doesn’t suit you, you can flexibly manage your parcel delivery and use the following features:

  • Change the address
  • Change the day
  • Specify parcel shop delivery
  • Specify a neighbour
  • Give DPD a deposit okay
  • NEW: Specify your favourite parcel shop
  • NEW: Providing a general deposit okay
  • Register now, define your delivery preferences and flexibly manage your parcel deliveries.

If we don’t locate you we will leave a parcel notification card with your PIN number, with which you can also redirect your parcel on myDPD.

To what Pickup location will my parcel be delivered?

As a rule we deliver your parcel to a DPD Pickup location near you. With a nationwide pickup network of 2,400 parcel drop-off and pickup points throughout Austria, each of our parcel shops/lockers can be reached within 15 minutes.

You can find your Pickup point quickly and easily in our Pickup Finder.

Did you know? You can now specify your favourite parcel shop on myDPD. Then we will always deliver your parcels there.

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The fact that we have delivered your parcel to a Pickup point can have different reasons:

  • The shipper has commissioned us to deliver the parcel there.
  • On myDPD you have indicated the Pickup parcel shop as your preferred shop.
  • Unfortunately we were unable to locate you at home. In this case, we would still like to make sure that your parcel is in a parcel shop/parcel locker near you, where you can pick it up during opening hours. You can find out to which Pickup point your parcel was delivered on myDPD in our electronic parcel information, or on the parcel notification card we left at your address.

What number do I use to track/redirect a parcel?

To redirect your parcel to a Pickup parcelshop or to have it delivered on another day, please register with myDPD. There you can simply redirect your parcel in the \"My parcels\" section.

You can use the parcel number or the PIN number for tracking and/or redirecting your parcel.

The parcel number is a 14-digit number that is assigned only once for each parcel and is therefore uniquely allocated to the parcel. You can find it as a myDPD user in \"My parcels\" or receive it from your shipper.

You will find the PIN number on the parcel notification card (red-white) which we leave behind when we have not found you. If the shipper gives us your email address, you will receive the parcel information including the parcel number electronically. Electronic parcel number

If you have purchased a parcel label in a DPD Pickup parcelshop, you will find the parcel number on the invoice which is issued.