We regret that there are repeated illegal attempts to misuse the DPD brand in order to defraud third parties.

Please note:

Here you will learn the main details of current risks relating to the Internet and emails, and how you can protect yourself against them. Please note: a scam only works as long as nobody recognises it.

Please note that DPD accepts no liability whatsoever for losses incurred by you as a result of such fraudulent activities!

If you wish to ask a question or provide information you can contact us directly at any time.

Security information

Fraudulent notifications claiming to be from DPD


Time and again there are fraudulent notifications claiming to be from DPD. In any case, please don’t answer  emails/SMS that look suspicious to you, don’t click a link and don’t place a bank transfer. Immediately report the incident to the police. If you expect a parcel from DPD, please contact the consignor of your parcel, hence he can forward you the correct parcel information.

Your DPD team

If you are, in individual cases, unsure if the message is in fact from DPD, you can contact us.