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Here you will find useful information about shipping and receiving parcels. Whether you are a consignee, shipper, Pickup parcelshop operator or delivery partner, here we have compiled helpful answers to the most frequently asked questions. Would you like to flexibly manage your parcel deliveries yourself? Simply register with myDPD and never miss a parcel delivery again.

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Maybe you’ll finde a fast answer in our FAQs. Below you already finde a quick overview of the most commonly questions.

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Where is my parcel? / How can I track my parcel?

As a myDPD user you can track your parcel at any time in the \"My parcels\" area. The parcel history shows you the status of your parcel.

Via Live-Tracking you can track your parcel in real time and redirect it until shortly before delivery (to a different address, specific neighbour, parcel shop delivery etc.).

If you do not use myDPD, you can track your parcel on myDPD or dpd.at by means of the parcel number (the 14-digit number you receive from your shipper) or the PIN (Parcel Information No.) number, which you can find on the parcel notification card we leave if we fail to locate you.

When will my parcel be delivered?

From the time we receive your parcel from the shipper, we usually deliver it within Austria within one working day. For international parcels the delivery time depends on the destination country.

At myDPD you can track and/or redirect your parcel at any time.

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How can I change the place or day of delivery?

As the parcel consignee you decide where or when we deliver the parcel. As a registered myDPD user we will inform you when a parcel is on its way for you. If the notified delivery day doesn’t suit you, you can flexibly manage your parcel delivery and use the following features:

  • Change the address
  • Change the day
  • Specify parcel shop delivery
  • Specify a neighbour
  • Give DPD a deposit okay
  • NEW: Specify your favourite parcel shop
  • NEW: Providing a general deposit okay
  • Register now, define your delivery preferences and flexibly manage your parcel deliveries.

If we don’t locate you we will leave a parcel notification card with your PIN number, with which you can also redirect your parcel on myDPD.

To what Pickup location will my parcel be delivered?

As a rule we deliver your parcel to a DPD Pickup location near you. With a nationwide pickup network of 2,200 parcel drop-off and pickup points throughout Austria, each of our parcel shops/lockers can be reached within 15 minutes.

You can find your Pickup point quickly and easily in our Pickup Finder.

Did you know? You can now specify your favourite parcel shop on myDPD. Then we will always deliver your parcels there.

Register now and specify your favourite shop!

The fact that we have delivered your parcel to a Pickup point can have different reasons:

  • The shipper has commissioned us to deliver the parcel there.
  • On myDPD you have indicated the Pickup parcel shop as your preferred shop.
  • Unfortunately we were unable to locate you at home. In this case, we would still like to make sure that your parcel is in a parcel shop/parcel locker near you, where you can pick it up during opening hours. You can find out to which Pickup point your parcel was delivered on myDPD in our electronic parcel information, or on the parcel notification card we left at your address.

How do I find the Pickup point near me?

In our Pickup Finder you will find all 2,200 DPD Pickup parcel shops and parcel lockers.

New! On myDPD you can specify your favourite parcel shop. Then we will always deliver your parcels there.

Register now and define your favourite shop!

No more missed parcel deliveries.

No more missed parcel deliveries.

It’s ideal when your parcel reaches your home before you do! Make life easy for yourself and let us leave your parcels in a safe place. So you will never again have to stay at home and wait for a parcel. Simply provide us with a general deposit okay online at myDPD and we will leave your parcels in the agreed location until further notice - for example in the garage or on the terrace.

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Where is my nearest parcel shop?

In our Pickup Finder you can find the Pickup parcel shop/parcel locker near you.

Already specified your favourite parcel shop? You can define your favourite parcel shop on myDPD - then we will always deliver your parcels directly there.

Specify your favourite parcel shop now.

What does Pickup mean?

Pickup is the international brand name of DPD's parcel location network. In DPD's 2,400 Pickup points in Austria you can drop off, collect, return or redirect parcels.

You can find your nearest Pickup point HERE.

Why is there no Pickup parcelshop in my immediate vicinity?

We are constantly expanding our Pickup network for you. Each of DPD's 2,400 Pickup points can be reached by anyone in Austria within 15 minutes. If you have a tip for us, you are welcome to send us suggestions for a Pickup parcel shop/parcel locker location using our online form.

Which goods cannot be shipped via the Pickup point?

Unfortunately you can’t ship certain goods via our Pickup parcel shops/parcel lockers. These include all shipping exclusions in our Pickup parcelshop terms and conditions, and parcels that are not packed in a rectangular/square shape. Among others: hazardous goods in limited quantity (LQ), cash on delivery parcels, tyres ...

Where can I find the opening hours of a parcel shop?

Simply click on the name or address of the parcel shop in the Pickup Finder. This will take you to a page that shows you the opening hours.

Find parcel shop

Find a DPD Pickup parcelshop near you.

Find parcel shop

Find a DPD Pickup parcelshop near you.

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In what occupations can I start at DPD?

We at DPD offer jobs in many areas with excellent prospects for your professional future.

  • Sorting/handling
  • Delivery (delivery is carried out by our transport partners)
  • Office work
  • Apprenticeships (e.g. logistics clerk, IT system technician..)
  • ...

Would you like to share in our success? Then check out our vacancies! Click here for the Job Finder.

I have not found a suitable vacancy, can I send an unsolicited application?

If there is no suitable vacancy for you, we would also be pleased to receive an unsolicited application. You can apply directly using our online form or by sending an email to [email protected].

How do I apply for a job at DPD?

Simply take a look in our DPD Job Finder and apply directly. And if there is no suitable vacancy for you, we would also be pleased to receive unsolicited applications. You can apply directly using our online form.

DPD does not employ any drivers itself, but works together with many small Austrian transport companies which are commissioned to collect and deliver our customers\' parcels. We will be happy to forward your application as a driver to suitable system partners, subject to compliance with the relevant data protection guidelines.

Muss ich mich registrieren, um eine Bewerbung zu senden?

Sie haben zwei Möglichkeiten sich zu bewerben. Mit der „Bewerbung mit Profil“ müssen Sie sich registrieren, dabei können Sie jederzeit Ihr Kandidatenprofil einsehen und bearbeiten. Die „Expressbewerbung“ erlaubt Ihnen ohne Registrierung sich schnell und einmalig auf ein Stellenangebot zu bewerben.

Was ist eine „Expressbewerbung“?

Mit einer Expressbewerbung können Sie sich schnell und unkompliziert ohne Registrierung EINMALIG bewerben. Nach dem Sie Ihre Bewerbung gesendet haben, wird automatisch ein Kandidatenprofil erstellt und Sie erhalten Ihre persönlichen Zugangsdaten per E-Mail.

Tips for your application - what’s important to us?

These tips will make your application to DPD a success. We look forward to getting to know you!

Top 5 application tips

  1. Use our online application form.
  2. Send us your application documents as a PDF file (max. 3 MB).
  3. Your application should include a letter explaining why you are applying, your CV and copies of your references/certificates.
  4. Let us know what appeals to you about the advertised position and what qualifications you have.
  5. Also give us some insight into your personal interests, e.g. what your hobbies are.
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What are push messages for?

You receive important news as a push message without having to search for it. On the one hand this helps you to save time, but at the same time also ensures that you will always receive important information.

What does DPD use my mobile phone number for?

We use your mobile phone number, for example, to notify you of parcels, to confirm redirection instructions or to assign your parcel (only for registered users). Further information about how we handle your data can be found in our privacy policy.

What does DPD use my address for?

We need your address to assign your incoming parcels. When you register you will be automatically notified about deliveries.

How can I edit an address?

You can edit an address by clicking on the pencil icon next to it.

What does DPD use my email address for?

We use your email address, for example, to notify you of parcels, to confirm an order for a change or to assign a parcel to you (only for registered users). You will find further information about how we handle your data in our privacy policy.

myDPD-App - free download

This is how the myDPD-app works


With the  myDPD-app you always have an overview of your parcels in one hand.

This short video gives you a quick and easy overview about the handling and all our funktions of the myDPD-app. 

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How many depots does DPD have in Austria?

DPD operates 16 depots, 1 main hub and 2 City HUBs in Austria. This gives DPD the largest depot network in Austria.

How many Pickup parcel shops does DPD have in Austria?

DPD has over 2,400 Pickup parcelshops throughout Austria. So you can always find a parcel shop near you.

With over 70,000 Pickup parcelshops throughout Europe DPD also offers a simple, convenient and flexible service for cross-border shipping.

Find a parcel shop near you very easily with our Parcel Shop Finder.

How many countries can you ship to with DPD?

DPD ships to 230 countries/territories worldwide. DPD Austria is part of the international DPDgroup, the No. 2 on the European parcel market. This enables shippers and consignees to offer a flexible and convenient service. With 120,000 logistics experts and more than 70,000 Pickup parcelshops DPDgroup transports 8,4 million parcels per day worldwide.

What activities does DPD undertake in the field of CSR and sustainability?

As a leading company in the transport and logistics industry, DPD is aware of its responsibility. With our activities we protect the environment, improve our working relationships and try to make life easier for those who are less fortunate.

How many parcels are transported by DPD every year?

In 2019 DPD shipped over 57 million parcels, which is a daily (working days) average of 228,000 parcels.

Any more questions? This is how you can get in touch with us.