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Here you will find useful information about shipping and receiving parcels. Whether you are a consignee, shipper, Pickup parcelshop operator or delivery partner, here we have compiled helpful answers to the most frequently asked questions. Would you like to flexibly manage your parcel deliveries yourself? Simply register with myDPD and never miss a parcel delivery again.

Where is my parcel? / How can I track my parcel?

When will my parcel be delivered?

How can I change the place or day of delivery?

To what Pickup location will my parcel be delivered?

How do I find the Pickup point near me?

No more missed parcel deliveries.

It’s ideal when your parcel reaches your home before you do! Make life easy for yourself and let us leave your parcels in a safe place. So you will never again have to stay at home and wait for a parcel. Simply provide us with a general deposit okay online at myDPD and we will leave your parcels in the agreed location until further notice - for example in the garage or on the terrace.

What does Pickup mean?

Where is my nearest parcel shop?

Why is there no Pickup parcelshop in my immediate vicinity?

Which goods cannot be shipped via the Pickup point?

Where can I find the opening hours of a parcel shop?

Find parcel shop

Find a DPD Pickup parcelshop near you.

Find parcel shop

Find a DPD Pickup parcelshop near you.

How do I apply for a job at DPD?

What documents should my application contain?

I have not found a suitable vacancy, can I send an unsolicited application?

In what occupations can I start at DPD?

Tips for your application - what’s important to us?

These tips will make your application to DPD a success. We look forward to getting to know you!

Top 5 application tips

  1. Use our online application form.
  2. Send us your application documents as a PDF file (max. 3 MB).
  3. Your application should include a letter explaining why you are applying, your CV and copies of your references/certificates.
  4. Let us know what appeals to you about the advertised position and what qualifications you have.
  5. Also give us some insight into your personal interests, e.g. what your hobbies are.

What are the advantages of registration? Can I redirect a parcel without registering?

What are push messages for?

What does DPD use my mobile phone number for?

What does DPD use my address for?

How can I edit an address?

How many depots does DPD have in Austria?

What activities does DPD undertake in the field of CSR and sustainability?

How many countries can you ship to with DPD?

How many employees does DPD have in Austria?

How many parcels are transported by DPD every year?

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