Current information about the coronavirus

Current information about the coronavirus

Dear Customers and Partners,


As parcel service providers we make a major contribution to maintaining critical infrastructures in Austria and throughout Europe.

We have set up this page for you to keep you up to date with the latest developments in connection with COVID-19.

In principle, we carry out the delivery and collection of parcels wherever it is not prohibited by the authorities.

If you have any restrictions on personal parcel delivery at your company, please give us authorisation to deposit your parcels. In this way your parcels can be delivered without direct personal contact.

Please only ship consignments for which acceptance of the goods is guaranteed. Shipments that can't be delivered will be returned, as we only have limited storage capacity.

In addition, we hope you will understand that there may be service delays within our Customer Service department due to the increased number of enquiries.


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General authorisation to deposit

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Customer notice "We are open"

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Registration for the COVID-19 newsletter

Valid as of: 05.05.2020, 14:00 Uhr

Information on

the delivery

situation in Austria


At the present, there are no quarantine areas in Austria, the delivery of all consignments is possible without restrictions. 

Information about Pickup parcel shops and parcel shop deliveries


Parcels that are already at the parcel shop for collection can be picked up, taking into account the shop opening hours. You can find all the latest information about this in our Parcel Shop Finder.

We hope you will understand that if a shop is closed due to official orders, the parcel can't be collected at present and will remain there until the shop opens again.

Important: for technical reasons no further home delivery can be made for parcels which are already at the parcel shop.

Criteria for the closing of shops

Information on the international delivery situation


Freight transport to foreign countries is basically still guaranteed.

However, there are currently long waiting times for trucks at the borders to Germany, Hungary, Slovenia and Poland.

For this reason, please expect longer transit times for parcels sent to other countries.

Detailed information and current news for each country can be found here:

WKO country information

Map of waiting times at the border

You can find further information HERE

It is the responsibility of the authorities to identify and inform Category I and Category II contact persons (i.e. persons who have come into contact with a Covid-19 case in a defined way). For the purposes of the data collection measures and in order to ensure a coordinated information chain while maintaining all data protection regulations, DPD is obliged to comply with the official request for information to the extent required by law. You can find more detailed information HERE.


More information about COVID-19

Social Ministry –
Ministry of the Interior –
Ministry for European and International Affairs –
Coronavirus hotline – T: 0800 555 621 (7 Tage in der Woche, 24 Stunden)

For all enquiries please contact: [email protected]