Export and customs information

Trouble-free customs processing.

Export and customs information

Trouble-free customs processing.

Depending on the customs regulations of the country of destination and the type of goods to be transported, various documents are required in international shipping. Our export guidelines will tell you which regulations must be observed for international shipping with DPD.

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Shipping to non-EU countries

When must goods be cleared through customs?

What decides the amount of customs duty to be paid?

Which kind of customs clearances are there?

What documents are required?

What must the invoice contain?

Glossary on international shipping

The customs declaration

What are dutiable goods?

The export of dutiable goods

Customs declaration and accompanying export documents.

The export process and customs offices.

Trade within the EU.

EORI number

Export declaration

Export customs office

Confirmation of exit

This is why you need a commercial invoice

In accordance with the applicable customs regulations, every shipment of goods or documents outside the EU must be declared. This means that the goods have to be accompanied by a commercial invoice or a pro forma invoice.

  • A commercial invoice is drawn up when the goods have commercial value.

  • A pro forma invoice is drawn up if the goods have no commercial value.

Whether it's a commercial invoice or a pro forma invoice, the document indicates the consignor and consignee, contains a full description of the contents of the shipment and details of their value. It is then signed by the consignor, who sends the original and three copies with the parcel.

This online form enables you to create your commercial invoice or pro forma invoice and print it out on your company stationery.