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Getting a parcel


Send off parcels from anywhere

Simply prepare your parcel online via and hand it over in a Pickup parcelshop.

Sending a parcel


You need a parcel number

to track your parcel. 

If you do not have this then please contact the sender of your parcel


When will my parcel be delivered today?

Enter your 14-digit parcel number. You will then be given a time window of 1 hour within which your package will be delivered today.


Easy & always nearby.

Pickup is the ideal solution for anyone wanting to send and receive packages quickly and easily. You'll always find one of our over 750 Pickup parcelshops just around the corner.

How can we help you?

  • Shipping: handing in a parcel or  a DPD Web Parcel
  • Taking delivery: have your parcel delivered to a Pickup parcelshop
  • Returns: we send the parcel back for you via a Pickup parcelshop

Returning parcels

It's easy through a Pickup parcelshop

  • 1

    Back in a flash.

    DPD makes return shipping uncomplicated. The parcel is back with the consignor in no time.

  • 2

    Printing out a return label.

    The consignor of your order has added a return label to your parcel or has send it to you by email. Print this label and stick it on the parcel.

  • 3

    Hand it in just round the corner.

    You'll always find one of our over 750 Pickup parcelshops just around the corner. Check out which Pickup parcelshop is closest to you. 


Our promise

Our parcels are well received.

By the environment, too.

  • Responsibility

    With every parcel we assume responsibility – for the environment, too. DPD provides CO2-neutral shipping for all parcels – at no extra cost to you.

  • New Delivery

    You were not at home to receive the parcel from our driver? Simply make a new delivery appointment online at On the day you select and free of charge.

  • Safety

    Your parcel is in safe hands with us and is well insured. A liability fee applies to all your parcels.