Sustainability without compromise

Sustainability without compromise

Sustainability is not just a word for us, but a commitment: we are very aware of our responsibility towards our earth and our fellow human beings and actively take this responsibility seriously.

Since 2012, we have been delivering every parcel in a CO2-neutral manner - with no additional cost to our customers. We do this by measuring our CO2-emissions, constantly reducing them and offsetting any remaining CO2-emissions. We are constantly reducing our CO2-emissions. We achieve this, for example, by purchasing our fully electrically driven e-truck, which saves us 72 tonnes of CO2 per year. By shifting from road to rail transport, we also save on CO2-emissions every night.

For us, taking responsibility also means actively supporting society. Thanks to our partnership with Venturelab and our sponsorship of the Swiss Startup Champions, we can actively support Swiss startups. Since 2012 we have been the exclusive partner of the leading Swiss children's charity Terre des hommes, providing all logistical services and supplying Swiss companies at the annual orange campaign. In addition, DPD volunteers support the street sales.

We are committed to our environment and our society.

Tilmann Schultze, CEO of DPD (Schweiz) AG


We all share the same address.

Borders are just lines drawn on a map. We share the same earth, breathe the same air and live together on this earth. That is why we will continue to support charities and projects in local communities across Europe. Most of all, we will continue to be there for you. We are people delivering for people.


Environmental responsibility

Every parcel we deliver is carbon neutral – at no additional cost to our customers. Our method is to measure our CO2 emissions and take active steps to lower them. In order to offset the unavoidable emissions from transporting parcels, we finance renewable energy projects and clean energy generation. By the end of 2025, the DPDgroup aims to lower CO2 emissions from vehicles by 30% per parcel compared to 2013.


Social responsibility

In our eyes, taking responsibility means actively supporting society. DPD Switzerland is involved in numerous social projects. We provide free transport services, support start-ups and young people, work on behalf of disadvantaged children and are involved in the fight against poverty. Find out more about our social projects.

If you want to know more about DPDgroup's CSR activities, download our 2020 CSR report.

Discover our CSR commitments.

DPD Switzerland has set itself the goal of reducing its CO2 emissions by 75 % by 2030 (starting point: 2020). This ensures DPD Switzerland plays an active role in reducing the burden on the environment.

Read how we want to achieve the goals.

Independently tested - and passed

DPD delivers quality and acts responsibly towards the environment and society. We act with a central guiding principle:  parcels belong to a consignor or to a consignee. They are guests in our system. In order to ensure that we also act accordingly, our organisation adheres to standard operational procedures.  Their implementation is regularly audited by authorised certification bodies.

ISO 9001:2015

As the most important global quality standard, ISO 9001 provides a comprehensive management standard from a quality perspective. It forms the framework for the strategic and operational management of our business. The standard helps DPD Switzerland in systematically assessing customer enquiries, in providing services accordingly and in setting the direction of its organisation. The high requirements that we place upon ourselves are documented in the Quality Policy.


ISO 14001:2015

DPD Switzerland continuously and systematically identifies, assesses and reduces existing and emerging environmental impacts and actively seeks to widen and continuously improve its positive environmental activities. As visible evidence of these wide-ranging efforts, DPD has introduced an environmental management system based on the standard ISO 14001. Our Environmental Handbook provides an insight into our environmental policy and strategic environmental goals.



Authorised Economic Operator status, or AEO for short, is a quality mark which is conferred upon businesses which meet reliability criteria in the security of their international supply chain. More straightforward security checks are facilitated for authorised economic operators; in the case of DPD, this particularly means simplified customs clearance procedures for imports and exports. AEO status is recognised by states with which Switzerland has concluded a corresponding treaty.

Generally speaking, AEO certification confirms an internationally recognised, high standard of security which benefits all our customers, consignees, employees and residents.